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Graciously Growing Old in CFC

We fondly call ourselves the “Tanders Group”, “tanders” being a Filipino colloquial word that finds its root word in tanda(old). The group is made up of couples who were our original members when Lito and I served as Chapter Leaders in Immaculate Concepcion Parish (ICP) in Proj. 8, Quezon City in 2015. The rest are brethren in our cluster household who are all senior citizens.


Some of our members shared that as they advanced in age, they were not that enthusiastic anymore to attend household prayer meetings. They only attended the meeting if it was their turn to host it. We knew all this, of course, being senior citizens as well, but we remained positive. Our positivity was not misplaced because during our one-to-ones, we felt their high energy when we engaged them in conversations on current events. 


Moreover, they didn’t share domestic problems as it is obvious that they didn’t have such problems anymore. Their concerns were about illnesses like high blood pressure, high sugar level, arthritis and what have you. It was amusing to note that they were always present during fellowship activities and never got tired traveling on the road, spending weekends out of town and eating out at times, too. But attending the household prayer meetings was a different story.


Late last year, a gateway opened, an answered prayer indeed. My husband and I were invited to attend a Senior Couples Retreat - “LOVE ALIVE!”— at the Carmelite Missionary Center of Spirituality in Tagaytay City on December 9 and 10, 2017. Immediately, we thought of our former members and told them about the retreat. They all decided to join and there was not a dull moment as we traveled to Tagaytay City. 


Topics tackled in the retreat were very interesting. In “Faithful Through the Years,” the speaker discussed how our relationship and priorities have changed over time and what these changes meant to us. The second topic, “Looking Through the Eyes of Love,” gave us the opportunity to look at our present relationship in the light of the aging process. 


“Rekindling the Love” is about keeping the spark of love aflame through the remaining years of the couple’s life together. “Living Life to the Fullest” was about growing old together with the right perspective and right attitude. A couple discussion followed after every session. At the end of the retreat, we all had to formulate an action plan on how to face the challenges of the senior years and the future. The weekend retreat was so spirit-filled and truly enriching with regards to our concerns as aging members of our community.


On February 15, 2018, the first ever tanders household group was born with the holding of the first prayer meeting at our house. The first noticeable change that we adopted and all of us agreed to was to have it at ten o’clock in the morning to be concluded by a lunch fellowship instead of the usual evening prayer meeting. We have six couples in the household, all aged 60 and above, namely, Noel and Eding Mirasol, Jun and Lou Jadulco, Ed and Precy Viloria, Johnny and Lita Galgana, Wilson and Tess Lumbao and of course, my husband Lito and me. 


We are all very grateful to be a part of a very caring household with everyone sensitive and responsive to our needs. Despite our age, we continue to be spiritually nurtured and we have decided to remain connected to the life and spirit of CFC. (Ofie Samaniego)

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