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CFC MM West C Prays for Vibrancy in 2018

CFC West C welcomed 2018 with three new members of the Sector Governance Team (SGT), three new Cluster Heads and 10 new Chapter Heads. The sector’s immediate challenge is: How should CFC West C prepare to realize the CFC Theme this year—to “Rekindle the Gift” in all the members and “Fulfill Our Ministry” as members and servant leaders?


The SGT, led by Sector Head Norman Robles, believes that the sector needs to strengthen further the pastoral core of its servant-leaders so that they are better able to help brothers and sisters in their journey to personal and family renewal. 


Ultimately, the goal is to accompany the members in the common journey in a manner that is joyful, encouraging, vibrant and Christ-centered. This year, CFC West C will relearn what is right and unlearn what is wrong through its Pastoral Formation Teaching Program: the Shepherding Series for all its household heads; the Faith Teaching Series for all its unit heads; and a Formation Program for its chapter leaders beginning with a workshop that will help all servant-leaders to discern and prepare to lead vibrant household prayer meetings, chapter prayer assemblies and teaching nights.


The first 2018 Chapter Leaders Formation Workshop was held on January 28 with Roland and Susan Arrogante, PFO Coordinators of CFC South B, as facilitators. Fifteen out of 18 chapter heads and their wives came prepared with their answers to a pre-workshop questionnaire. Physical presence and support were provided by four cluster heads, four cluster Family Ministry couple coordinators and some unit heads.


Aside from the enthusiastic participation and unselfish sharing of learnings by the chapter heads, the Spirit of the Lord stirred their hearts and minds with a truly God-sent message via Susan Arrogante who spoke about the vital role of the wives of the CFC leaders. 


She said that the chapter head cannot do everything he needs to do to become an effective leader and shepherd to all the chapter members. The love, support and involvement of the chapter head’s wife is needed to take care of the wives in the chapter. When the brothers and sisters are well cared for, encounters of members and leaders in the chapter will always be joyful, enriching, vibrant and looked forward to.


The Lord has blessed CFC West C with so much potential! May the sector grow in love, joy, support and vibrancy as they journey together to experience fullness of life in the Lord! (Mandy Constantino)

Added on Friday, March 2, 2018



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