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West C Sector Charges On!

On the last weekend of February, West C sector held the Solemn Charge Echo Conference, the first among the Metro Manila Missions to do so. Like last year, the venue for the echo conference was the Mere Marie Anne de Tilley Conference Hall of the St. Paul College in Pasig City.


Fr. Michael Romwald Kahemela, guest priest of Nuestra Senora de Gracia Parish, Guadalupe Viejo, Makati, presided at the Mass which opened the retreat, followed by the morning worship led by Benjie Nicol, chapter head of WC1A. 


The first talk, “The Gift Within Us” was given by Mannix Ocampo, Provincial Area Head of Cebu and Country Coordinator of Indonesia. His talk focused on the gift God has given and how it is up to each one to rekindle this gift. Sharers PJ and Abi Mungcal related their past experiences and crossroads, and their realization that they have a gift— the gift of CFC— that enabled them to overcome all their trials. 


IC member James Solano gave the second talk (“Called and Chosen”), exhorting the delegates to be billboards of God to their families, their members and the world. Like Timothy, CFC must prepare leaders and members by mentoring them, just like what Paul did.


Eric Bostre, Country Coordinator of Vietnam, shared that not even an incurable disease can stop him from going on mission because he believes that God has called and chosen him to proclaim His Word. Weng Calma of Cluster 4 saw the hand of God in a dream beckoning her and husband Boy back to Couples for Christ after four years of being inactive. 


After lunch, the afternoon sessions started with a worship led by Floro Almacen, chapter head of WC6B. Talk 3 (“Proclaim the Word”) by Kirby Llaban, chapter head in the West B Sector, exhorted the retreat participants to sow the seed in the form of time, service, and resources, making sure to nurture the seeds. 


He also shared that it is everyone’s prophetic duty to witness by being a good example, by preaching the Word, by denouncing evil and by proclaiming the value of goodness. Charles Elcano, chapter head of WC3C, shared that he was able to bring a couple he met in a traffic accident to the CLP, while Iam Echavez, a household leader in WC2B, who started community life early through Kids for Christ, told about her past struggles with being an adopted child, and how through her family, she saw the face and love of Christ.


The last talk for Day 1, “Put Up with Hardships” was given by Mike Bukuhan, Metro Manila Missions Director, who encouraged the participants to shine the light within, to bring out the light of Christ despite hardships. Sharers Roland and Susan Arrogante of South A chose to continue serving in CFC despite the trials that beset their family, because God gave them the power to carry on. 

Dudoy and Bel Narca of WC6C spoke about the trials that they endured, one after the other. Remaining steadfast in their faith that God will deliver them from their sufferings, the couple are now proud parents of children, all university scholars, who graduated with honors. Rainier Figueras, Cluster Head of Cluster 5, ended the session with a worship and closing prayer.


On Day 2 Arnel de Vera, chapter head of WC4C, began the worship after the Mass. The last talk, “Fulfill Your Ministry”, was delivered by Sector Head Norman Robles. At the end of his talk, he led the solemn charge for leaders to proclaim the Word and become a Paul to their Timothys. 


Mike Santos, Cluster Head of Cluster 6, shared the countless ways that he and wife Rea share their time, talent, and resources to be of service to CFC. (Marla J. Rances)

Added on Friday, March 2, 2018



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