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Defending the Filipino Family

Our talks in the Christian Life Programs or in our Pastoral Formation tracks always warn that the modern family is under attack. We have been saying this for the past 37 years. But today, the threats have gotten more real and more insidious. How prepared are we to fight them?


In 2012, I remember the entire CFC Global Mission Center foregoing the scheduled Christmas party so we could all go to the Sandiganbayan along Commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City and witness the third and final reading of the RH Bill. It was a tense moment. We were with other pro-life groups, all of us wearing red, while the pro-RH crowd wore purple. The pro-life advocates went to a small room where Mass was being celebrated, but some of us were fortunate enough to enter the session hall. 


Others prayed the Rosary outside the gates of the complex, all eagerly awaiting the verdict.Sadly, the RH Bill was passed in that final reading. A few months later, it was signed into law. However, although the bill was passed, there were amendments to the bill that the Senate was able to insert before it was signed into law. Clauses like “Abortion is a criminal act in accordance with existing laws” became a sort of ‘saving grace’ and allowed pro-life advocates to breathe a little easier. 


We saw it as God’s hand at work in upholding the family, and He has not allowed provisions that will harm and destroy the family to be included. Now, we are again beset by another evil— the proposed Divorce Bill (House Bill 00116). Do you want to read the bill? Google “House Bill 00116 PDF” to download a copy.

On Wednesday, February 21st, 2018, the House of Representatives approved at the committee level this bill legalizing divorce in the Philippines. The approval came on the same day that Lawrence Quintero, Tito Jimmy and Tita Lorna Ilagan, and I were attending the four-day National Conference of the CBCP Commission on Family and Life at the Archdiocese of Lipa.


Apprised of the approval, the delegate organizations in the con-ference immediately put their heads together to come out with strong statements against the bill. 


On February 27, 2018, His Excellency the Most Rev. Gilbert Garcera, DD, Archbishop of Lipa and Chairman of the Episcopal Commission on Family and Life, together with the 24 organizations, came out with the CBCP Pasto-ral Statement Against Divorce (to read the statement, go to

Brothers and sisters, let me remind you of who we are. We are Couples for Christ. We are transformed through our core values by being Pro-God, Pro-Poor, Pro-Family, and Pro-Life. We are called to renew and strengthen Christian family life.We are one with the Catholic Church, and remain faithful to the teachings of the Church regarding the sanctity of life, the sacrament of matrimony, and the gift of the family. The Holy Father Pope Francis has been very persistent in reminding every Catholic about these. 

The Word of God has been our anchor regarding these truths.There should be no doubt in our hearts and minds that what is happening now in our midst is a clear deception. The Filipino people are being told that it is okay to legalize divorce in the Philippines because the rest of the world accepts it. (By the way, as of this writing, the only two nations where divorce is illegal are the Philippines and the Vatican. Malta was the latest country to legalize divorce in 2011.)


Mga kapatid, it is not enough that we guard our own families. We must also stand for those who are weak and unable to defend their families. After all, we are all connected by a single thread—the thread of our adoption into the family of God.


The International Council has come out with a strong statement against this bill. I urge you all to read it and take it to heart. Today, more than at any other time in our collective history, our Church needs us. Our faith demands that we all rise up in defense of this wonderful gift of marriage that we have been given.


As one community, let us say “YES!” to strong families and “NO!” to divorce. (Michael “Shok” Ariola, The President's Chair)

Added on Friday, March 2, 2018



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