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A Blessing in Every Opportunity

The Solemn Charge Weekend was truly spiritually refreshing! 

Imagine, almost 2,000 of us leaders from Metro Manila, together with some brethren from the provinces and the international missions, coming together for a mountain top experience! 

While still in this euphoric state, my wife Anna and I, together with Fr. Ronald Magbanua, CICM, decided to pass by Pangasinan to pay homage to the Our Lady of Manaoag before heading home. 

While there, we noticed many devotees wanting to have their Rosaries and holy images blessed by the priests. However, there were no priests available at that time. It was a blessing that Fr. Magbanua, one of the priests who is also helping CFC Mongolia, was there with us. 

Fr. Magbanua stepped forward and offered to bless the Rosaries, including the rings of an engaged couple who wanted the rings blessed before their wedding. Fr. Ronald gave the couple a special blessing as well.

After being given the solemn charge at our weekend retreat, it was truly humbling to be given this opportunity to be a blessing, “anytime, anywhere, all the time!”(Raymond Bucu, Metro Manila South B)

Added on Tuesday, February 6, 2018



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