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A Look Into The CFC GMC`s Solemn Charge for 2018

Our respective Department Heads, including the leaders of Family Ministries, ANCOP and CFC Cooperatives, reflect on what they are looking forward to in 2018, particularly on how they will pursue CFC’s vision and mission and improve the service the Global Mission Center now provides.


For 2018, we will continue to move our goals of the 3H’s: Happiness in serving God; Health in order to do the things God asks us to do; and most importantly, Holiness, because this is what we all should strive for. - JEREMY QUIMPANG, Youth for Christ


In order for me to contribute to achieving CFC’s goals, first I need to improve myself. I have to exercise more patience and maximize the use of technology and social media so I can promote our ministry better. - ROY VERDOLAGA, Servants of the Lord


First, I want to make sure that the systems that we have here would be able to support the evangelization efforts of the different ministries and help the members and leaders do whatever they need to do. That would mean maybe revising, removing or adding new applications. In a specific way, I want to make sure that our One Global Data, CFC Home Office and Infosystem would be able to deliver the needed information. I want to make sure, if possible, that every report and data that anyone in the community would need can be accessed through our systems. - MERVIN ARELLANO, Management Information Systems and Technology



First and foremost, I think it’s important to deepen faith. Being the community’s learning institute, CFC-I can help people deepen their faith, not only through the pastoral formation that CFC is offering, but hot the institute can support that pastoral formation. We become better Catholics, we become better Christians if we deepen our faith in God and if we deepen our personal relationship with God. Second, it is about skills building. Because CFC is a missionary community, the institute can support that charism by teaching people how to accumulate and develop skills that will enable them to proclaim the Good News in a relevant way. It’s not only about proclaiming the Good News, but in communicating the Good News in such a way that people can easily understand it, and in understanding it, see Jesus face to face.  Third, the institute can teach people how to accompany others. It’s not just about teaching catechesis; it’s not just about teaching who Jesus is. It’s not just about acquiring skills; it’s also about teaching people how to put all of these ideas, theories, terms, in such a way that they can apply it in their own life as pastoral workers, as people who live out their faith everyday. - RUEL AGUIRRE, CFC Institute


·         One global HOLD family journeying together and moving as one in accomplishing the ministry's plans and programs towards fulfilling its mission

·         HOLD members becoming more deeply spiritual and intimate with the Lord through the pastoral formation tracks and commitment to live out the HOLD covenant

·         Significant growth in membership resulting from the concerted efforts of the members to lead more women  to know and experience Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior - EDYTHE AVENDAÑO, HANDMAIDS OF THE LORD


1. To have a Deepened and Spirit-filled Prayer Life that flows in formation and content development 


2. To develop with the team a more integrated, inclusive, relevant and up-to-date Formation Materials and Course Offerings 


3. To contribute in the growth of holiness within CFC and its Family Ministries by helping them be formed to Live The Truth In Love. 




Give Care Health Foundation has a very unique mode of functions. First, we provide healthcare among CFC GMC Fulltimers and their dependents. Secondly, we conduct Surgical/ Medical Missions to the poor living in remote areas, those who cannot afford to go to the hospitals for operation.

Our goals for the year 2018

Internal Goals [ CFC GMC ]

1. To provide a sustainable Health Care program among CFC GMC Fulltimers and their dependents by providing a regular medical check –ups, promotion of a healthy lifestyle

highlighting the importance of Preventive Medicine

2. To ensure that Gcare clinic is capable of providing first aid healthcare among GMC employees and offer an everyday monitoring of BPs and vital signs

3. To ensure the availability of GCare Doctors for Medical Referrals

External functions [ CFC Community and Ancop ]

1. To target 6-8 Surgical missions this year

2. To promote training on Basic Life Support, Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation, First Aid management by GCare Doctors in piloted Ancop sites.

3. To promote the importance of Preventive Medicine and Primary Health Care by conducting Lectures, training and seminars.  ROBERT JIMENEZ, GKARE


Knowing that our evangelization growth is a mere 2% for the past years, ultimately, one of the intentions of the Global Communications Office is to increase evangelization through communication, by first, communicating the culture of CFC to a wider reach, particularly to non-CFCs. We would like to be able to help bring them to that moment of truth that will help them decide whether they want to be in CFC or not; whether they would want to actually experience the culture that we want to teach them. Second, we can achieve this goal by professionalizing our work as pastoral workers. Third, we need to establish a bigger network for Ablaze communications so that we can be more global in what we do. - ROMMEL ANCHETA, Global Communications Office


We want to be more reliable, resourceful, honest, and to lessen tardiness and absences of employees. Each member of the staff will be service-oriented, meaning that we do not question every service we are tasked to do, and that in everything that we do, we give our all to the community and to the employees of GMC.  In 2018, we intend to become more productive. We commit to work for the betterment of the CFC Office, especially in maximizing parking space, and ensuring better work stations through the new building. We are now also looking at improving our Mission House. - RICKY RICO, General Administration Office



Our members need to be members of Couples for Christ first before they can be a member of the cooperative.  But the thing is, as of now, only 10% of the total membership of CFC are members of the cooperative.  We would like to increase this percentage. We would also like to be able to pinpoint those members of the cooperative who are in need of financial help to expand their businesses or, for those who have no livelihood yet, to help them fulfill their dream of putting up a livelihood for their sector. Coops for Christ would also like to disseminate actively the existence of the Coops for Christ in our community because sadly, it seems that not everybody knows that we have a cooperative and that we are always ready to help CFC members address their financial needs. - LETTY JAIME, CFC Coops for Christ


There are a number of objectives the Finance Department has set for 2018.  First, better monitoring of the monthly tithes of Metro Manila sectors and better dissemination of the usage of the tithes fund so that members may be more faithful not only in giving their monthly tithes but also in promptly remitting it.  We would like to see the provinces properly and promptly remitting for their 10% contribution to the One Mission Fund (OMF).  In terms of our work goals in GMC, we want to make sure that the Accounting Department observes proper filling systems, and always ready and willing to provide proper service to our employees. We would also like to see that in 2018, we are able to submit reports that are required, on a regular basis, by other departments. - RAUL BALAQUIAO, Finance Department



Three things that the CIO wants to accomplish this 2018:


I. To release the Church Relations Manual by June 2018, such manual:

a. To define the roles and responsibilities of the CIO office and its programs.

b. To define the roles and responsibilities of the Spiritual Adviser in our community

c. To outline the different activities aimed at developing and fostering good relations with the clergy.

II. To set the 2018 CIO directions, strategies, plans and programs

a. To bring CFC closer to the hearts of the clergy and the clergy closer to CFC

b. For the Catholic Church to commission CFC in implementing its plans and programs geared

    towards strengthening the family and family life.

c. To actively collaborate with the Church and help in reaching out to the marginalized sectors of


III. To establish a service organizational structure for CIO in various areas and ministries

GEORGE CAMPOS, Church Integration Office 


For 2018, ANCOP aims for the following:

1.       Concrete realization of livelihood programs through capacity building of parents in ANCOP sites, CFC, Cornerstone and other programs. Sending them to LGU run TESDA schools.

2.       Completion of procedures, manuals and other documentation for all ANCOP programs. With all documents in place, ANCOP also plans to achieve ISO 9001 (Quality Management System) certification.

3.       Monitoring and documentation of all graduates of the educational sponsorship programs and ANCOP shelter sites. All documents to be updated monthly/quarterly and be made available to all thru the internet.

4.       Centralized data storage system through the ANCOP data server. - RUDY GASPILLO, ANCOP


First, we would like to enhance the compensation plan design for us to be competitive in terms of other NGOs and be aligned as a lay organization. If we have a better compensation plan design, we will be able to have an effective, efficient and productive performance.  It’s not just about the compensation itself, it’s also about the benefits, because we also have respective families that we need to provide for. Second, we hope to strengthen our spiritual growth in professional and personal development, in terms of the learning and development that we do as Human Resource Department. Lastly, we would like to institutionalize the rewards and recognition program in terms of their length of service and performance.  If the community is an evangelizer, HR should also evangelize through providing the employees good compensation, awards and recognition and strengthening their learning and development.  - FELY ARAOJO, Human Resource Department



My three dreams for the Family Ministries in 2018: (1) Strengthened culture of dialogue and communication as ONE CFC Community; (2) Togetherness in mission with CFC and all Family Ministries as FAMILY EVANGELIZERS: and (3) Renewed and relevant evangelization as AGENTS of NEW EVANGELIZATION. - EDFER LAWRENCE QUINTERO, Family Ministries

As we are in the “business” of evangelization and education, we in Cornerstone will strive: 1. for families to be evangelized (children, parents, and volunteers);  2. for students in the program to be able to avail of the Child Sponsorship Program, both in Elementary and High School; 3. for parents to be equipped through short term TESDA courses and employed to sustain their livelihood and become empowered parents. - SHEH CANLAS, Cornerstone

CFC Events plans to harness the talents of CFC, especially the ministries, particularly in the areas of videos, directing, photography, etc. through the conduct of training, workshops and relevant courses. We also want to improve creatives for Mission Core gatherings and assemblies. One of our major goals is to have our own recording studio which we can use to address the video and audio needs of CFC. - JAY LUCENA, Events

The Evangelization and Missions Office will further strengthen its services to help achieve the evangelization and missions agenda of Couples for Christ.  It is our aim for the year 2018 to collaborate more with our CFC leaders in the areas in the task of identifying if an area is in the Establishment, Enrichment, or Empowerment level of growth. After such identification, EMO office will coordinate with all concerned areas and make sure that they receive the mission support appropriate to their level of growth. Also, we would like to determine the most effective way to implement the various programs of CFC and its ministries that will enhance evangelization and mission in an area. We are committed to move CFC from maintenance to mission. - MK GUAÑO, Broadcast Media

Here are the three things the ministry hopes to achieve in 2018.1. Full integration to CFC - SFC is called to be the next generation of CFC and the only way to achieve this is through integration in the CFC chap-ters. Full integration means appointment of SFC Chapter Couple Coordinators and SFCs attending the CFC Chapter Assemblies. 2. For SFC to be a ministry for the other singles in society - Young single parents; young separated, divorced, and annulled persons; young widows and widowers; and singles with same sex attraction (SSA) 3. Strengthen evangelization of the following:  families of SFC members since a big percentage of the families of SFCs are not members of the community; campuses; and singles in BPOs and corporate offices. -  NOLI MANUEL, Singles for Christ

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