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Growing up, I remember hearing this tagline from a TV commercial: “Here’s to a new you!” I don’t remember exactly for what brand it was— was it for a bath soap, or perhaps a beverage? 


Everybody desires, especially in the New Year, to become a better version of themselves. This is why people write resolutions in their goal to essentially become better persons. I believe that for us in Couples for Christ, the challenge doesn’t stop with becoming a ‘new you’. Being a better person should translate into becoming someone else - in the person of Jesus Christ. 


During our first fraternal household for the year, the International Council was once again reminded of the words of Fr. Raniero Cantalamesa when Tita Nina (Ponte), in her prayers, challenged us: “The Lord seeks not only transformation but sanctification.” 


I was prompted to ask myself, “What does this mean?” Essentially, transformation is to become a ‘new you’. Sanctification, on the other hand, carries a much deeper meaning. Sanctification is not just physical—changing how you speak, or how you shed off the ‘old you’. Sanctification is a call to be set apart, to be holy. In Fr.Cantalamesa’s homily during the Mass he celebrated for the Papal household, he emphasized that everyone is called to holiness, because it is within everyone’s reach. God’s holiness, as the Old Testament suggests, possesses a ritualistic edge. The Old Testament prescribes that in order for one to be holy, one needs to follow a code of laws. In the New Testament, however, the mediator of holiness is Jesus Christ Himself, no longer the rituals. Fr. Cantalamesa further stated that “In this vein, being holy does not mean being separated from God but in being united with Jesus.” He likewise professed that holiness is “not an imposition… but a privilege, a supreme honour”. 


And so my dear brethren, what path must we take in order to attain holiness or sanctification in this New Year, and in the years to come? Fr. Cantalamesa puts it in clear terms: “The pursuit of holiness is a journey consisting of continuous stops and fresh starts.” 


This New Year definitely presents a fresh start for all of us. As we click the reset button to reboot our lives, let us shed off the unwanted fragments, place every part and piece in the proper sectors and make room for new experiences and encounters with the Lord. 


On behalf of the International Council, I sincerely wish you a Happy New Year! More than hoping for a happy ‘new you’, however, our desire is for a ‘more sanctified you’. (Michael Ariola, CFC President)

Added on Monday, January 15, 2018


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