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The SFC formed what they called the Matnog Mission Team and, together with Ferdie Garcia, went to Bagong Banuan Elementary School in Brgy. Bagong Banuan Matnog Sorsogon to share their blessings with the kids in the school.The mission team had a full program of activities, including conducting the Senior KFC Kids Camp, giving a session on hygiene and surprising the kids with an early Christmas Party. In addition, Ferdie also gathered the parents and gave a talk on Christian parenting. 

It was heartwarming for the mission team to see the happiness in the kids’ faces, although they considered their service such a small gift. But the journey to get to Matnog was not easy. The journey took almost four years.For the SFC mission team, this was an awakening. Why did it take so long? Missions are the lifeblood of SFC and each member of the team had actually gone on so many missions in the past. Whatever obstacles there were, all of these were, however, surmounted and the mission team finally got to fulfill their dream of travelling to this area.


What fueled their dream was the sincere desire to give their best for the children, and their willingness to share their 3 Ts — time, talent and treasure. What made everything possible was the help extended by so many people – the children of CFC who shared their toys, the cash donations that poured in that were used to buy the children school supplies, hygiene items, new clothes and the food that was shared during the party. The CFC Migrants Program team, friends from CFC West and SFC members who couldn’t join the team but contributed whatever they could, all pitched in and for them the SFC Matnog Mission team is eternally grateful. Getting to Matnog was not easy either—travel time took almost 15 hours and the activities began right after arrival, leaving the team hardly enough time, to eat, change clothes, and see to the logistics in the school.

Allan Durana, formerly from SFC and now a member of CFC Matnog involved in SFC in the area, and Teacher Portia of the elementary also provided much needed help. Despite all the obstacles and the difficulties the team faced, they are all eager to go on another mission. (Gracelyn Romero)

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