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There's something about Christmas that’s magical—light like a feather yet grand, and warm, commanding like a seven-foot tall evergreen. Maybe it’s the fact that everyone is just nicer, people smile more, and they’d probably give a hug to a total stranger. What other time of the year is automatically a time for sharing, not just of gifts and fruitcake but of time, of quiet talks over coffee, and shared meals? 

The cheer of the season is real, and that’s why we don’t want it to end. What’s so special about Christmas? Love, of course! Some may argue that the very essence of Christmas is, in fact, love. However, it works just as well the other way around: that the very essence of love is Christmas. For Christmas is all about the greatest Love that ever was, and is, and ever will be—God’s love that never ends. Scripture attests to this: “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son...”(John 3:16). 

With the essence of this theme in their hearts, the Couples for Christ Global Mission Center workers visited the Kanlungan ni Maria home for the elderly in Antipolo City to give the gift of LOVE last November 23, 2017. The gifts the CFC workers brought to the Home were personal contributions and gifts consisting of toiletries, food, and towels, which the lolos and lolas can use for their day to day needs.

Twenty-one elderly residents of the home, composed of seven males and 14 females were delighted to receive the gifts.Kanlungan ni Maria provides an environment for the poor, abandoned, neglected and homeless elderly to experience a better and dignified life. The facility also helps reconcile residents with their missing families and loved ones.


The CFC GMC workers prepared a short program for the lolos’ and lolas’enjoyment, with the volunteers from Ablaze Communications and other departments in the Global Mission Center showcasing their talents via a dance and song number. They also taught the elderly a few songs and in no time at all, the residents were singing in unison with the workers, adding to the fun.

During the gift-giving, some of the lolos, excited about the clothes they had just received from Ablaze, requested that they be allowed to change into their new clothes. Nanay Pina, famous in the home because she has appeared on a reality show on television, entertained the visitors with her jokes.Truly, the spirit of Christmas for the CFC Global Mission Center spells L-O-V-E. (Keith Janohan & Andrelene Veloso)

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