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Canada Senators Cites Ricky Cuenca for ANCOP Work

Early this year, the senators of Canada nominated, for the Senate 150 Medals, a number of Canadians and permanent residents in Canada who have dedicated their lives in the service of people. The medals are a commemoration of the first assembly of the senate of Canada on November 6, 1867. Senator David Wells, Co-Chair of the Advisory Working Group on the Senate 150th Anniversary Medal, stated, “Senators want to take this opportunity to reflect on the incredible contributions made by Canadians from all walks of life. We want to give some much-deserved recognition to Canadians who share the Senate’s goal of giving voice to people or issues that sometimes fly under the radar or don’t grab headlines.”

One of the nominees was Ricky Cuenca, President of CFC ANCOP Canada and a member of the CFC International Council. He was nominated for the work being done by ANCOP Canada by the late Senator To-bias Enverga Jr. who passed away before the award was given. Cuenca was adjudged one of the awardees and the award was given on November 29, 2017 at the Senate Chamber, Parliament Buildings in Ottawa, Canada. The late sanator’s wife, Rosemer Enverga, handed the award to Cuenca.

Cuenca was acknowledged as “co-founder and president of ANCOP Canada, provider of solutions to extreme poverty by responding to basic needs”. The citation alsomentioned that “ANCOP Canada and its partners, together with Cuenca, worked to build 2,500 homes for the poor in the Philippines and had sent over 3,000 poorchildren to school”. These students come from India, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, most recently Ethiopia, Indonesia and the Philippines.

Cuenca said: “Today was a great day for all ANCOP Canada volunteers and our beneficiaries. As I share this award to all advocates, volunteers, officers in various areas were ANCOP Canada is, and members of Couples for Christ, I remember as well the hardships we’ve gone through to make ANCOP Canada where it is today – an organization of people who truly answer the cry of the poor. I am blessed to be a Canadian, and doubly grateful for our friend, the late Senator Enverga for this honor.” 

Senator Serge Joyal, Co-Chair, Advisory Working Group on the Senate 150th Anniversary Medal said that, “As the Senate approaches a milestone anniversary of its own, this is an appropriate time to celebrate the volunteer work of Canadians. Not only will the medal highlight the contributions of Canadians – from coast to coast, from all walks of life and from varied backgrounds – it will highlight the wide diversity of the people whose efforts make Canada great.” (CFC ANCOP Canada)

Added on Thursday, January 11, 2018



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