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Families in Canada Stand for Jesus

Two months, four weekends, four provinces, four Family Conferences.

150+ families, 300+ parents, 500+ children and youths: one family in Christ experiencing great love and affirmations.

2017 marked the second year that Canada conducts the yearly Family Conferences. Conducted in the four major 4 cities of Edmonton, Surrey, Toronto and Winnipeg, each included praise and worship, family and keynote speakers, competitions and workshops for the whole family. Joining the mascot roster this year was Faith the cat, friend of Happy the dog who made his first appearance at the 2016 Family Conferences

We Stand for Jesus, the theme for this year’s Family Conference, challenged families to grow more in relationship and love for one another. The message: To stand for Jesus as a family, we must grow and build relationship as a family.

In the first session “We are family”, families were reminded about God’s plan for our families and the need to protect our families from attacks. One way to protect them is through communication and prayer. Families were given the chance to learn how to conduct parent and child one on ones, which they were given the time to practice it as well.

In the second session “We stand for Jesus”, families were then reminded that love and foundation can grow in the family only if we have Jesus. Where there is Jesus, there is love. One of the best ways to keep love in the family is to treasure the gift of time spent together like the family meal time! Families were encouraged to have on at least 3 times a week.

Finally the last session “We do everything in Love,” outlined a new meaning to the word LOVE. We can practice it by: Learning how to forgive, Offer what we have, Value each other and Eat together as a family. When we live out L-O-V-E, we can take on the mission to love like Jesus.

This year’s Family Conference also returned with its signature family-focused activities. Participating families enjoyed bonding over competitions like the family relay. Parents were also able to prep and teach their kids about the saints, Catholic words for little saints and Catholic spelling bee competitions. There were also fun and enlightening workshops for the parents and kids separately. Parents received more insights about parenting in the digital age, while the kids enjoyed different workshops that enhanced their skills like cooking, drawing, dancing and eating healthy.

We Stand for Jesus truly reemphasized the importance of God and family in our lives; we must therefore stand firm for Jesus and our family. Indeed, the family is so precious; we are called to protect it by growing in faith, hope and love. This is especially difficult in a world full of distractions. With Family Conferences bearing such crucial reminders, all of Couples

for Christ, and simple witnesses to its family-empowering activities, will be blessed from this age unto the next. (

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