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Archbishop Auza to CFC: ‘Rediscover the joy of the gospel!’

“The mission core teaching night tonight is providential,” Arnel M. Santos, Couples for Christ International Council member, noted in his introduction of the speaker for the Metro Manila Mission Core Teaching Night on November 23, 2017 at the Christ the King Parish, Green Meadows Avenue, Quezon City. According to Santos, it was providential for two main reasons. First, the topic, “Social Dimensions of the New Evangelization according to the priorities of the Holy See’s Multilateral Diplomacy set by Pope Francis” is totally relevant for CFC which is still observing the theme “Standing Firm in the Faith” and which has of late been focused on reviewing the Catechism of the Catholic Church and its teachings. It was even more providential because the speaker, His Excellency Archbishop Bernardito Cleopas Auza, is the Permanent Observer of the Holy See to the United Nations.

Archbishop Auza used as anchor Evangelii Gaudium, Pope Francis’ 2013 apostolic exhortation on “the Church's primary mission of evangelization in the modern world” which is known to lay people as the ‘Joy of the Gospel. Archbishop Auza exhorted, “New evangelization is to rekindle our enthusiasm in our journey of faith, to rekindle our love for that faith, to rekindle our love to proclaim the joy of the gospel.” The prelate identifed three subjects of the New Evangelization: the self, the family, and society.

New evangelization as evangelization of the self

The archbishop explained that new evangelization of the self simply means renewing one’s relationship with God. “Rediscover that friendship, rediscover that relationship, kasi baka nakalimutan na natin magdasal, magbasa ng Bible, nakakalimutan na natin magsimba— these are signs that we need to be evangelized anew,” he shared. The archbishop invited those present to fire up their love for the Rosary, to be enthusiastic again in participating in the Holy Mass, to  pray together as a family again, to read the Bible again and to take time to enrich one’s spirituality. The prelate added that, with the invitation from Pope Francis to be ‘Spiritfilled Evangelizers’, we need to be enthusiastic about sharing the gospel and to fearlessly work with the Holy Spirit. He added, “But spirit-filled evangelizers do not only pray. They feel the balance between prayer and action.”

New evangelization of the domestic church

Archbishop Auza stated that the key to un-derstanding the call to new evangelization is to link it to the loss of transmission of the faith from one generation to the next. The biggest and the most exclusive key to this transmission is the family or from parents to children. The family should be the first to be evangelized so that the family could become the protagonist, the real actors in the new evangelization.

New evangelization of society 

Archbishop Auza encouraged the Metro Manila Mission Core to enlarge their witnessing beyond themselves, beyond their families, towards the whole of society. “The apostolic exhortation ‘Joy of the Gospel’ is a rallying cry for this. The world that we are called to evangelize constantly changes, that’s why the social aspect of our faith is also fundamental,” the prelate urged. He invited those present to always remember to “Live your faith.” 

Archbishop Auza concluded by reminding the MC members of three ways by which we can engage with society according to the inspiration of Pope Francis: engage with the world with mercy and compassion; develop a culture of dialogue; and be in solidarity with the poor.To watch the full talk, visit Couples for Christ on YouTube ( and search for MC Teaching Night - H. E. Archbishop Bernardito Auza. (Yvonne Grace Dolorosa)

Added on Thursday, January 11, 2018


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