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Kenya’CFC Singles for Christ conducted its 10th Singles for Christ Conference on October 20-22 in the Catholic Archdiocese of Mombasa in Allamano Parish in Timbwani in the coastal town of Mombasa. The conference called Eimai Katholikos was attended by about 72 participants from the three CFC areas in Kenya, namely: Coast, Nairobi and West Kenya. 

The title and the content of the conference was quite timely, most especially in Kenya where a number of Catholic young men and women are slowly walking away from the Church or prescribing to other Christian denominations at the slightest challenge. A community such as Couples for Christ-SFC and activities such as this conference go a long way in equipping singles who are living in this fast and busy world. There was so much to learn by interaction and activities that took place. The beauty of this year’s conference was there were less talks and more activity based events, something the young people enjoyed.

The apologetics session was quite remarkable. SFC Kenya had invited Sr. Clementina of the St. Joseph Sisters of Mombasa to speak about Mama Mary. It was an interactive session and an eye opener for many. There were so many ‘awe’ moments as the participants listened attentively. This was a truly Catholic learning moment as the participants’ curiosity and desire to know and learn more about Catholicism was raised a notch higher. 

Truly it was a weekend full of learnings about being Catholic and at the same time a moment for fun for all the SFC delegates. (Emmanuel Muinde, fulltime pastoral worker, Kenya)

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