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South B— Then and Now

South B— Then and Now

Sector South B covers two big cities—Parañaque and Muntinlupa—that are under only one diocese, the Diocese of Parañaque. The diocese also covers Las Piñas which, because of its size, has been aggregated into CFC South A.


Couples for Christ began in Las Piñas in 1982 and expanded into Parañaque and Muntinlupa in succeeding years. Originally lumped together as the South Sector, its rapid growth led to its subdivision into three sectors—South A, which covered the Makati area, South B, encompassing Parañaque and Muntinlupa, and South C, for the entire Las Piñas area.


However, in 1996, the Makati area (South A) was renamed Central C and brought under the big Central Sector. South C or the Las Pinas sector, was renamed South A while South B was unchanged.Thus, South B counts 1996 as its official establishment date.

The Family Ministries and the Social Ministries (now called Social Development Programs) were also established in 1996.As of the present, South B has a total membership of 8,307 persons, including not just CFC but all its Family Ministries (Kids for Christ, Youth for Christ, Singles for Christ, Handmaids of the Lord and Servants of the Lord).


Mission Ready


Members of South B have always been mission ready. Three of their members have accepted positions in the international missions—Raymond Bucu who is both Country Coordinator (CC) of Mongolia and Provincial Area Head of Northern Samar, Rene Bello who is Regional Coordinator of the Greater Mekong Area and Garie Pimentel who is Regional Coordinator of Northeast Asia and CC of Hong Kong/ Macau.Many of South B’s leaders have accepted the challenge to form mission teams to farflung places, the most recent one the mission to Australia, led by Boy Granados, to start the Senior Program there.


South B is consistently at the forefront of social development work. Mon de Leon of South B is the current Head of CFC’s Social Development Programs, which allows him to tap the many willing members of the sector in the work of the Soc Dev Programs. 


Work with the Poor

South B is deeply immersed in the work of ANCOP, CFC’s arm for its mission for the poor. The sector is among the top sectors in terms of revenue generated during the annual ANCOP Global Walk.At present, the sector has a total of 50 scholars, 40 of whom are AGW-funded. The AGW-funded scholars are in grade school and high school (32 scholars) and in college (8). The rest of the scholars are funded directly by South B.




For schoolyear 2017-2018, Cornerstone of South B serves a total of eleven (11) schools, namely: Masville Elementary School; Sampaloc Site 2 Elementary School; Fourth Estate Elementary School; San Antonio Elementary School; La Huerta Elementary School; F. Serrano Elementary School; Upper Bicutan Elementary School; Masville National High School; Muntinlupa National High School; Muntinlupa Business High School (Sucat Annex); and Parañaque National High School.


SB’s prayers for help, especially for more tutor-volunteers, did not go unheeded. With strong backing from its main partners—USANA, or UHF TRUE HEALTH FOUNDATION, INC, and JP MORGAN, the need for more tutor-volunteers has been addressed. Both companies have embraced Cornerstone as a pillar in their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs and have since been fielding sizeable numbers of their respective officers and employees to the weekly tutoring sessions, scattered among the different schools. 

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