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Every day we face hundreds of choices and decisions. Fortunately, most of them are not life-altering.


Should I go with the long sleeved or short sleeved polo, or should I just wear a T-shirt? Should I get the organic tomato sauce or the kind that is similar to Jollibee's? Should I watch Seven Sundays which explores family dynamics or a JaDine film which obviously follows the run-of-the-mill formula of romance and kilig scenes?

Those are easy decisions. But often, the decisions are major, requiring much thought and reflection. Should I accept this new job offer? What will it mean for my family? Will this decision tear us apart since it requires physical separation? Should I interfere in my children’s lives seeing how they are making a mess of it?Should I just go with the flow and allow the situation to mend itself? What will happen if I just sit idly by? 


Should I accept this leadership position in the community, knowing that it will entail much sacrifice of not only my time but my resources? So many decisions. Sometimes the need to make decisions weighs us down and we give in to the temptation to simply do nothing and await, albeit with dread, what will happen. But fortunately for us in community, we have learned to sit quietly, pray and reflect and wait for the Spirit to speak to us. We have experienced so many times the happ(and sometimes miraculous) resolution of what we thought were grave problems, that it is now second nature to us to ask the Lord to guide our steps.As we prepare for the end of the year (with less than two months to go before the New Year), we will continue to face difficult and life-changing decisions. Let us be grateful for God’s incredible promise in Psalms 32:8: "I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my eye upon you."


A promise we can pray for and claim every day...With such reliance on how the Lord guides us, obviously you don’t have to ask which movie to watch. Go and watch Seven Sundays. (Michael Ariola)

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