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Do you have a “dream job”? Filipinos would love to be a PBA player, pilot, fashion model, actor, foreign exchange broker, resort manager, travel/food blogger, or a mobile app developer. These are from lists I compiled from browsing the internet in recent months, selecting only those which I deem ap-plicable to the Philippines.


You will notice the jobs in this list have a commonality practitioners not only earn big returns from them but they get to enjoy what they do! Not included in mylist but which appear in the internet list are positions such as chocolate consultant, beer taster, and professional sleeper (you spend your work day sleeping on new beds and mattresses)! Would you leave your current occupation for any of those mentioned? Many would want to but cannot, because of some distinct qualifications, such as height, great body and good looks! Some would simply refuse to jump ship because of factors such as upcoming retirement and the benefits acquired through the years. 

But seriously, we need not languish in our current state of "stress," aka work! We do have a choice. We can make a conscious decision to enjoy our present employment as if it is a dream job. Failing that, we should consider quitting it ASAP especially if it hastens our aging process! Believe it or not, there are people in our community who, to my mind, have the greatest job in the world. They are all enjoying their job and reaping the “biggest returns”! I am talking of the 170 fulltime pastoral workers (FTPWs) of CFC. (FTPWs are directly hired by the CFC International Council and deployed all over the Philippines and in some areas of the world to assist in the CFC global operations and ensure the implementation of the fullness of the life and mission of the community.) 


Of these 170, 48 are stationed abroad, 40 are serving in SFC, 58 in YFC and 14 in KFC. What’s so “great” about their lifework? Well, they are continuing the job of Jesus Christ Himself! They are just like priests and nuns, but with a different vocation. What about their biggest returns? Why, they are bringing people, even families to HEAVEN—the ultimate destination! 


Many of them have given up a very promising and lucrative future in terms of monetary yield, just to work full time in God’s vineyard. Some graduated cum laude from major educational institutions and would have been immediately hired by big corporations. There are also young couples, fresh from their wedding vows, who have opted to go to a foreign land to raise their family as missionaries! If these do not amaze and astound you, I don’t know what will…THE GOOD NEWS! 


We too can share in this greatest job and reap awesome rewards. We are actually part-timers, (some would say “all-timers”) in the awesome undertaking of Building the Church of the Home and Building the Church of the Poor. We bring Christ in His fullness to every family. Whether you are a household head, Ministry/Program coordinator, chapter head or even a plain member but if you give your time, talent and treasure to continue Jesus Christ's ministry, then you have the GREATEST JOB IN THE WORLD! MORE GOOD NEWS! 

We are a part of the joy and victory of Jesus Christ NOT because we are good , not because we are better than others but because of a PRIVILEGE— we are LOVED by a great God! So if you are reading this and you happen to be with your spouse or another CFC, tap him/her on the shoulder and say thanks for being your partner in the greatest job in the world. 

Pope Francis said it best in his Sept 24, 2017 Vatican Mass: “In the Kingdom of God, no one is unemployed; everyone is called to do their part.” (Inspired by the exhortation of our CFC Chairman Melo Villaroman at the CFC Evangelization & Missions Planning at Abagatan Ti Manila, October 22, 2017)

Added on Tuesday, November 7, 2017



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