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CFC HOLD South B Celebrates Womanhood

The CFC Handmaids of the Lord of South B led by Grace Buntag conducted two major events in the recent months. First was a training of its leaders held last June 12 at the Villamor Air Base Golf Clubhouse. This was conducted by Tootsie Lopez, Metro Manila Missions Coordinator for HOLD, who gave guidelines on how to prepare for worship and how to express their love for God in vibrant worship. 


This was followed by the Echo of the 2016 Marian Conference entitled “Celebrating Mary”. The Handmaids were asked to remember the events of Jesus' and Mary’s lives through a virtual pilgrimage. Participants saw different pilgrim sites in Israel, Italy, France, and Mexico. At each site they recalled how Mary inspired them and brought them closer to God. Various sharers from South B’s six clusters proclaimed how Mary interceded for them so that they may experience God’s goodness. She became for them a model of obedience, of purity, of evangelization, and of steadfast faith in the Lord especially while enduring much suffering—all virtues worth emulating. 


Indeed the fire of the Holy Spirit continues to burn ever so fervently in the hearts of our handmaids of South B! 

Added on Tuesday, November 7, 2017



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