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The CFC Annual Training and Immersion Program for the Family Ministries started in July 2017. Brave souls from all over the Philippines answered the call of the Lord to become fulltime pastoral workers (FTPW). The new batch sat through three months of lectures, exams and interviews and underwent community immersion in some areas of Metro Manila and provinces of Luzon. At the end of the three months, they can now call themselves fulltime pastoral workers, ready and willing to go wherever they are sent.

What do they look forward to now that they are fulltime missionaries?

This is the Lord's constant calling to me. His constant message has been that He has called me, personally, to love. That no matter how far we have gone together, to be humble and to obey Him at all times is what can lead me closer to Him and what can help me serve others better. Everything is grace! - Maria Delica  Nova Tablante, YFC FTPW, Oriental Mindoro

God is a generous God. He allowed me to experience His generosity through the people who journeyed with me. Now, I am excited to share His generosity through the giving of my time, talent and treasure to my mission area. - John Martin BallonYFC FTPW, Ifugao

I was a fulltime pastoral worker for 8 years in Kids for Christ. I can still remember how the Lord called me 8 years ago and how I responded to Him by saying yes. It is also the same yes that I have today as I move on to the SFC ministry. Probably it will be a different challenge but it will be for the same reason why I am doing the mission He entrusted to me -I will always say yes to Him. The most significant message of the Lord to me is “I still don’t know everything and I need to train and learn a lot of things again”. What holds me? The promise of the Lord that He will never abandon nor forsake me. I look forward to experience more of His love in the new ministry, Singles for Christ. And I look forward to the Lord using me. - Ahyan Talisic, SFC FTPW

The grace that allowed me to say yes ten years ago is the same grace that gives me the courage to say yes to the Lord again today. This mission was never mine but His. And all of this is just part of the preparation for me to be the woman that the Lord wants me to become. - Zisha Hope Labajo, YFC FTPW, Zamboanga Sibugay

I said yes to the mission because of God's never ending love and grace. In the mission that God entrusted us, He assured each one of us that we will never be alone. I am looking forward to more Jesus experience here in this mission. - Junel Roxas, YFC FTPW, Sarangani-General Santos

I hold on to God’s assurance of providence to my family and everyone I care for. I am right now holding on to the joy because of the grace God gave me to be part of his bigger mission. I look forward to where He will lead me throughout this journey with Him. - Gabriel Makabenta, YFC FTPW, Southern Leyte

God is gracious. His grace is the only reason why I said yes to mission. I was proud, but since the training, God has pruned me in ways which hurt me deeply and gravely; yet I believe his loving correction has a purpose so great I can barely understand it. Now, I hold on to His truth — I am a work in progress and what I lack, only His grace can fill. - Julius Marl R. Barbas, KFC FTPW, Zamboanga City

I didn’t want to believe that I'm fit to be a missionary, but the Lord was so persistent in pursuing me, telling me and proving to me that I don't need to be qualified for Him to call me, but He will qualify me because He called me. I'm looking forward to be stretched all the more for God's glory to prevail in my life, tobe in situations wherein loving is the hardest thing but is the only thing we can do, and to reach greater heights and wider peripheries with my game-changer, Jesus. - Rona Go Patenio, YFC FTPW, Bohol

It was God's promise of a life of grace, fruitfulness, adventure and blessedness that enabled me to answer His call, uncertain as things in the future may be, because it is in God that I found my security and certainty. It's all about His Grace. I should not worry and not be too hard on myself whenever I fail to accomplish something, even though I gave my everything, because even though I am not enough and will never be, I know that God will always be more than enough for everything. I am excited and looking forward to all the surprises that He has in store for me.- David Quiambao, YFC FTPW, Metro Manila

As a fulltime pastoral worker for years now, my decision to transfer from YFC to SFC was a yes to answer a call within a call. This time the Lord is calling me to serve the single men and women of the community. Throughout thetraining, God’s constant message for me was: “be humble for I am humble” and “I am near.” The Lord showed me that the mission is really bigger than my own personal wants and selfish desires. I am holding on to the great Love of the Lord for it is what will fuel everything that I will be doing in the mission. I look forward to witnessing many more of God’s sweet surprises. - Ernie Abringe, SFC FTPW

All throughout my training, the Lord was constantly telling me that I may have flaws and imperfections, but His love conquers them all. The whole training was an invitation of the Lord for me to commune with Him, to have deeper relationship with Him as days go by. Every single day, He would say: “Do not be afraid, I am with you.” I would always hold on to His promise that He will bless me wherever I go. - Farrah Regudo, YFC FTPW, Quezon Province

God's constant message to me is to remain humble and to empty myself. It is through this emptiness that He will lead me to experience His overflowing grace. There is a bigger mission ahead and one of the most essential tools of a missionary, more than the skills and knowledge, is discipline - in prayer, thoughts and actions. The mission will not be easy, but as long as I continue to hold on to His grace and promise of joy, everything will be worth it. I am excited to where the Lord will bring me in this journey to experience Him even more. Jonee D. Hubilla, YFC FTPW, Kalinga

During the three months of training, I experienced God more than in any other events of my life. I experienced more of His grace, His blessings, His generosity, love, mercy and compassion. He made me realize that being a missionary is to offer my life to others. That is what my life verse (Matthew 10:29) is all about. I am excited for more revelations coming from the Lord and I am looking forward to what is beyond the ‘yes’ I have given to God.- Miko Latayan Macatangay, YFC FTPW

Throughout the training, the Lord truly broke the walls I strongly built around me. He assured me that in this journey, I have to surrender to Him and trust Him fully for He is in control. Wherever the Lord will send me, my call is not to leave a mark for myself and what I did, but rather to leave a mark of Jesus always. - Katrina Llamas, YFC FTPW, Metro Manila

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