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CFC Australia`s Senior Couples Reignited!

“The Senior Couples Retreat is a breath of fresh air in CFC Australia. Before you came, the mood here was very somber and gloomy because of the many issues confronting us—the same sex marriage referendum, issues among the very members of the community. You assured us that there is always hope and that God is not done with us yet. You are a welcome breath and we are thankful that you came here.” 


This was the message of Susan Mission of CFC Australia during the fellowship and send off dinner held at the Sydney home of Nonoy and Tina Albano last October 11, 2017 for the Australia Senior Couples Retreat Team. The SCR Mission Team was composed mostly of CFC MM South B Sector members headed by Adolfo "Boy" Granados and wife Lida, along with Rene and Mimi Bello, Raymond and Anna Bucu and Ike Bontia. 


The Senior Couples' Retreat (SCR) is a two-day teaching event which aims to encourage CFC senior couples not only to take a more positive view of their status as elders of the community but also to be able to reach a holy understanding of what the Lord wants them to become in their senior years. 


The retreat consists of five enlightening talks, with each one enhancing not only the participants' understanding of their roles as CFC members but also the way that husbands and wives should see each other in the context of Christian marriage. The talks were further strengthened by carefully chosen songs that were sung live during moments of reflection.


The Australian SCR was attended by eight CFC couples led by Denis and Ruth Reyes of the CFC Australia Governance Team. It began with a lively worship Saturday morning of October 7 and was concluded the next day, along with a renewal of vows during a regular Mass celebrated by Fr. Frank Regala at the Our Lady of the Rosary Parish in Fairfield, Sydney. 


During the homily Fr. Regala spoke at length about the commitment of husbands and wives to each other, strengthened by the bonds of love and sanctified by the Sacrament of Marriage. Fr. Regala also stated that what he admires most about CFC is the emphasis that it puts on the sanctity of marriage and family. He exhorted the participants to always bear in mind that they are Couples for Christ and as such they need to be always connected to Jesus in the lifethat they lead.


"Remember this... you are not only a couple, but you are Couples for Christ."Fr. Regala further encouraged all parishioners present in the Mass, most of whom were locals, to seek out CFC members and become part of the community. He said that CFC is wonderful community for couples who want the Lord to be part of their union. 


During the fellowship, lively discussions on age, retirement and CFC service ensued as stories were swapped about the couples’ early years in Australia and the growth of CFC in Australia. Among the old-timers were Nonoy and Tina Albano who came to Australia in 1988 and joined CFC in 1994. They shared that they officially started their retirement by participating in the SCR. They said the SCR was truly a revelation and that it encouraged them to give more of themselves in their capacity as country coordinators of CFC Vanuatu.Boyet and Myrna Nobleza have been in Australia since 1990 and became CFC members in the same year. Boyet, who retired in 2017 while Myrna continues to work as a government employee in Sydney, revealed that his retirement caused him to struggle for a while with being alone in the house. But because of 27 years of continued service in CFC in Australia, he managed to overcome his struggles.


“The SCR is a beautiful teaching and it really fired us up to become better pastoral leaders to members of our CFC Unit.” In response to the positive reactions, Boy Granados can only share, “Everywhere we bring the SCR to, there is always one common thread in the participants’ sharing – that they thought they are not needed anymore but the SCR tells them that God is not done with them yet.” (Raymond V. Bucu)

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