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CFC OSM CEM 1 (MAAP) Mariveles, Bataan

The nine-member OSM service team from Manila arrived at the Manila Yacht Club in Roxas Blvd on September 9, in time for the 7:00 AM departure for Mariveles, Bataan via the MAAP launch boat. Our group, headed by MGen Willy Ona and wife Imee, docked at the MAAP port in Mariveles at 8:45 AM in high spirits. The CFC Zambales team of eight members were likewise at the venue, waiting for us to arrive. Upon arriving at the venue, the 324 cadet-participants were divided into two groups. The first batch, composed of 140 men, 106 Catholics and 34 non-Catholics, were the first to hear the good news. 

Danny Sayson, a core member of the OSM, was the moderator, and he also led the invocation. Ona gave the Overview Talk, followed by the first talk “Heroes for God and Country” given by Capt. Jorge Ibarra (PNavy), a member of CFC Zambales. Talk 2, “Roadblocks to Greatness” was given by Roland Ong, with Fred Asence of the Philippine Navy as sharer. After a late lunch, the sessions resumed with Elmer Jacob giving the third talk, “Defending our Families, Building our Homes”. The family of Roger Valiente of CFC Zambales gave a heart-warming sharing of the love they experience in serving God as a family. The fourth talk by Danny Sayson focused on the subject “Forgiveness—a Key to success” with Arnel Mariposque (Philippine Navy) as sharer. The last topic for the evening was ‘All out victory’ delivered by Ona.

Afterwards, the cadets shared their realizations with the plenary. Most of those who stepped forward shared about family matters such as growing up with absentee parents, dysfunctional family life and fears regarding life and the future. MAAP Guidance Counselor Maryjane Abadicio, and Assistant Director for Logistics and Support Lt. Harold Taguinod reassured and inspired the cadets to push on despite the challenges. 

The second batch of cadets had 131 Catholics and 53 non-Catholics. The same set of speakers gave the sessions. For the sharing of personal testimonies, this batch focused mostly on forgiveness, with admissions of making mistakes against their parents and themselves. They resolved that in order to fulfill their dreams of a better life for their families and their own future, it was important that each of them move on and not be too hard on themselves. Family was always highlighted as one force that makes them sustain the challenges they face at the Academy.

Lt. Taguinod once again delivered a very inspiring message: “Character should be enhanced more, as well as the fear of God. One needs to develop more patience, to change one’s ways in order to be a better person.” He likewise thanked the OSM team for the efforts to share with MAAP in the formation of the cadets.The event closed at noon with a prayer, everyone asking God for mercy and protection for the OSM team from Manila. 

It was an honor working for the Lord, unworthy as we are. We were privileged to share His love to the young generation of future merchant mariners. (Elmer D. Jacob)

Added on Monday, October 23, 2017



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