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CFC Indonesia Celebrates 27 Years

Couples for Christ Indonesia celebrated its 27th anniversary last September 10, 2017 at Binus University – Anggrek Campus, Jakarta, Indonesia. It was attended by over 500 CFC and Family Ministries members coming from Jakarta, Tangerang, Pangkalpinang, Sarinda and other provinces where CFC is present.

The event started with the Holy Eucharist celebrated by Rev. Fr. Jay Amamampang and co-celebrated with Rev. Fr. Hilbertus Hartono, MSF, Rev. Fr. Yosef and Rev. Fr. Ignas from the different dioceses in Indonesia. After the Mass, Alex Gosyanto, the CFC Indonesia National Director, opened the event and welcomed everyone to the celebration. 

His wife, Suanning, followed by giving an update on ANCOP activities in the country, highlighted by the newly-opened ANCOP School in Larantuka, Flores Island. Mannix Ocampo, CFC Indonesia Country Coordinator, emphasized in his inspirational speech that Indonesia, though an archipelago, should be united in faith as everyone is called to be united in diversity and that CFC must be seen as one community with the one God. This unity was manifested even during lunch where everyone shared food delicacies coming from the different regions of the country.

The event’s highlight was the CFC Got Talent performances where CFC members and the Family Ministries showed their talents in singing, dancing, band and poetry. The 1st prize was won by Pangkalpinang Chapter via their band performance. Bea (KFC) & Shine (YFC) got the 2nd prize and Abe (SFC) won the 3rd prize.

The anniversary concluded with a praisefest led by Chingboi Laruan, a YFC fulltime pastoral worker. Everyone went home with a smile, having received not just the prizes and the goody bags but most importantly, the assurance of God’s faithfulness. (Glendz Andrade)

Added on Monday, October 23, 2017


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