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There is Joy in Aging

It is said that typhoons and earthquakes are natural occurrences. But then so is aging. During the recent Health Fair we attended at the Architectural Centre Club, Inc., in Makati, we learned so much about how we senior citizens (and our families) can cope with all the health problems and bodily changes that accompany aging. Health issues can include emotional, psychological and even physical, and the doctors and nurses from Unilab Foundation patiently answered our questions. 

They explained how to determine the problems that eventually beset the elderly, and gave us advice on how to handle these new challenges and realities. Our senior years may be a completely new and difficult stage of our lives, but it is still an integral part of our lives. We seniors and our immediate families need to understand our new needs, our struggles to cope with changes and our new status in life. 

During the Health Fair, symptoms of dementia, sleep disorders, depression and other diseases like osteoporosis, its onset and the situations to be expected were likewise discussed.Aside from the talks and fun games, all of us 111 seniors (and some not-so-senior) from MM Central C discovered that there is joy in being together.

It was heartwarming to note that despite our age, we all gamely played with vigor, and everyone agreed that future programs should have these games around as we truly enjoyed playing them. There was also so much laughter! The activity was so much fun and our bonding with each other so easy that we hope similar activities and more medical check ups will be conducted in the sector. God provides, and on that day, the Lord provided us with great love and care. (Rene Pamintuan)

Added on Friday, October 6, 2017



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