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My daughter and her high school friends reserved a slot to a trek at the Masungi Georeserve located in Baras, Rizal. One group must be composed of at least 7 people. I was person No. 8. I am 65, going on 66, and I do not feel any less strong than when I was a lot younger. So I have not been wary of embarking on physical activities. I went for my first scuba dive in Bohol on April 2009. I conquered my fear of heights through the Edge Coaster (38th Floor) and Zipline and Skylift (40th Floor) at Crowne Regency Hotel in Cebu in November of 2012. I love to travel (through mission trips) and explore other places. Most of all, I adore anything that has anything to do with the ocean, so swimming and snorkeling and eating fresh fish and shell-fishes are truly heaven for me.


Masungi is a paradise for nature lovers and environmentalists. The so-called trek covers the large tract of the forest in that part of the province of Rizal, and normally takes 4 to 5 hours to complete. Trails, both wide and narrow, are there to take a hiker from one part of the forest to the next. Aside from the trails, a hiker would do a lot of bending and some crawling in order to pass through small openings in rocks. 

The trek also involves balancing on hanging bridges, climbing monkey ladders up and down, holding on to some sharp edges on the rock face and finally standing up on the giant spider web which is several hundred feet above ground, nestled over the tree tops. I was able to complete the trek together with the 7 younger people in my group, even doing better than two or three of them who were left panting and feeling queasy. I also acted as the group’s photographer, photography being among my special interests. 

Other adventures

Just a few days ago, I had to drive alone, some 940 kilometers to Leyte from Manila non-stop, without sleep, for 19 hours straight. Why? My wife had a bathroom accident in Leyte, fracturing her knee. She was denied accommodation on a plane because she was on a stretcher. Of course, I had to go and pick her up even if it meant that I would have to make the same 940-kilometer trip back.I allowed myself only a short rest, mindful that my wife needed to be in the comfort of our home, and drove back home. All in all, I drove a total of at least 1,880 kilometers! We arrived in Metro Manila on a Monday a few minutes after lunch. I used the rest of the afternoon recovering some of the sleep I ‘lost’ and in the evening went to lead my household in its regular meeting. The Lord has blessed me with good health and I have always been physically fit.

For these gifts, I do not fail to give the Almighty God my thanksgiving during my daily prayer time. And whenever given the opportunity to praise and worship Him, you will see me, perhaps the only senior jumping up and down in every CFC big assembly, to give God the glory He deserves. Oh, by the way, I have other interests. One is my coins and small currencies collection, and another is my hobby of playing my guitar and singing my favorite Beatles songs and other oldies but goodies.

So, what other adventures lie ahead for me? I believe it’s the hang-gliding adventure in Carmona, Cavite or San Mateo, Rizal. Care to join me, anyone? (Jorge L. Asensi, Central A Sector Metro Manila)

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