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Modern day APOstolate: The techie lolo connects with his grandkids

We have four children: Jeannie, 48 years old, a single mom, living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA; Francis, 46 years old, married to Myette Dizon and living in California, USA; Jon (42 years old), married to Rica Tale and now living in Fontana, California, and Marion (Mai), 38, married to John Roberts, now living in Sydney, Australia. Altogether our four children have given us four grandchildren Jeannie has Julian, Jon and Rica have Elle and Natalie and Mai has Ruby. 

All of my kids, including my grandchildren, live overseas, but Ellen and I make it a point to get to know them and what they love. Julian, in grade 5, is active in sports—basketball and baseball. He studies in a Catholic school. Elle, who is 6 years old and in prep school, loves to sing and dance. Two-year old Natalie is just so lovable and imitates everything her elder sister does. Ruby, now only 14 months old, is very sociable. She smiles and greets everybody. She loves to be with other children.The biggest gap is the great distance that separates us. So make sure that we visit them every other year. Oftentimes, I would go visit during Christmas to play Santa!

But, for me to make sure that they would remember us, their grandparents, we make ourselves updated on the latest technology. I love our daily Facetime and Viber exchanges and smiles at their photos on Facebook. Yes, I rely heavily on social media to keep in touch with my grandkids.

As a lolo, my best memory with them is when they cuddle up and make lambing. These are always precious moments for me! I always cherish these times with my apos as they are the ones that give me utmost joy now.

My advice to my fellow modern day ‘APOstles’: Stay connected, teach them by word and example how to love one another. Teach them about Jesus and Mama Mary at an early age. Let them grow into it, don’t force them. And let technology be your friend. (Victor Hizon)

Added on Friday, October 6, 2017



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