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The Good News was blessed to be part of one of the most inspiring household prayer meetings that we’ve ever experienced in the community! I had requested the invitation because I wanted to be able to have first hand experience of how CFC seniors continue to serve, worship and interact with each other.

When I arrived at 5:00 PM, despite the heavy rains and the traffic, everyone was al-ready there. And so the meeting started on time. I was amazed at their punctuality and their alacrity in attending the meeting, considering that the oldest in this household is 94 and the youngest is 71. I was even more amazed to learn that they regularly attend their household meetings, primarily because they enjoy each other’s company and look forward to the sharings. 

I had a fun time with them as I taught them how to do the Korean finger hearts, while they taught me far more valuable lessons about punctuality, commitment and love. Here are some of the fun questions and answers during the interview that they graciously gave TGN:

The Good News: Tell us how you usually conduct your household meetings.

Rene Punsalan:The usual procedure — praising and worshiping the Lord, exhortation. Of course, we see to it that the songs are doable without the guitar because wealways sing a capella. ‘Yung observation ko, the song Hosanna is always there. That’s our favorite song. The household head leads the exhortation and then we sing two praise songs, worship songs and then praying in tongues follows. The wife of the household head prepares the reading, and then the others contribute. Then, the household head starts the prayer of thanksgiving. After the thanksgiving prayer, there’s the prayer for supplication. After that, we do the sharing based on the prepared topic or material. We close it with a prayer. The CFC Culture is very much alive in this household!

Pons Tanjangco: Since members of this household have been in the community for quite a while, more or less we are following the fraternal method, where the host chooses the topic for the household.

TGN: What do you look forward to every household meeting?

Marite Tanjangco: The food! (laughs)

Pons: We look forward to the fellowship. I am very proud of this household because of the very strong commitment of the members. Unless we’re on official trips or we are sick, we put priority really to this household. We look forward to each meeting.

Marite: Another thing that we look forward to each meeting is the love that we show for each other. We love to listen to how the Lord moved in the lives of each other over the past two weeks. It enriches us, it inspires us, we learn from each other and so, walang kupas na we look forward to meeting each other. I think that it is also the reason why we have 100 % attendance most of the time. 

TGN: What is the most rewarding part of being in this household?

Rene: The relationship… that is the reward. What I can sense and what I can feel is that very consistent ang love for a brother and a sister. Ako, hindi ako nakakapagdrive kapag gabi. So, Tito Benny takes me home. Another thing, si Pons, the household head said, ‘Kapag wala si Benny, tawagin mo ako.” That’s the assurance. Sabi ni Pons, he’ll take care of me. That’s the love, that’s the care.

Tessie Rodrigo: The love, the care, the concern for each other.

TGN: How do you update each other?

Marite: Viber!

Rene:‘Pag walang Viber, we contact each other through text.

TGN: What is your advice to the younger CFC generation?

Rene: What is important is the culture of CFC. ‘Wag lamang i-didilute ‘yung culture of CFC, ‘yung household,  dapat irespeto nila. They have to protect their schedule in the household. ‘Yun ang pinakaimportante.Do not forego the household prayer meetings.

Pons: Perseverance, because sometimes, we may feel a little bit discouraged. If you will persevere, you will succeed.

Raul Cantada: ‘Wag kayo mag-mamadali dahil tatanda din kayo!(laughs)

Benny Ocampo: Stay committed.

I was teary eyed at the end of the interview. Was I scolded by the elders (for being late)? Nope. I was totally inspired by their commitment and their passion to serve the Lord. I could feel how the Spirit of the Lord is working in each one of them. Most of the members of this household joined CFC way back in the ‘80s, just a few years after CFC was born. 

The household remains very active in supporting the community’s work with the poor and the Seniors Program. Despite their age, they are committed to supporting every mission of the seniors program as speakers or as members of the service team. For me, they are the coolest light bearers. (Yvonne Grace Dolorosa)

Added on Friday, October 6, 2017



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