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Getting Back into the Groove

"The reason why I really enjoyed being in Couples for Christ was because of my wife Penny,” Mon de Leon, Head for CFC Social Development Programs, recalled. “When we joined CFC in 1990, we always moved as a couple, supporting each other in most of our activities. Starting as household leaders, we moved into various forms of service such as Metro Manila Sector Head of South B and also as Provincial Area Head of various provinces and as Region Head of Central Visayas. There were many and most of it, we were doing as a couple.”

However, when everyone was celebrating Mother’s day, Mon was mourning the death of Penny, who succumbed to cancer on May 10, 2014. “Our forty-year marriage ended,” he sighed. “Our forty years journey together stopped.”

“Our life in CFC is a memory I will never forget. These are memories forever planted in my heart.”

Mon remembers fondly how the love and comforting words and getures from CFC brethren began pouring in. But when the mourners left, that’s when things became difficult.

“The morning after was most difficult”, Mon said. “Kasi when you’re with the community, okay naman eh. Andiyan lang sila… kuwento-kuwento. And then, the loneliness hits you, and the difficult realizations begin… Wow! They’ve all gone home. But where is my wife?” he added.

“I didn’t want to attend assemblies. I did not accept invitations to give talks. Kasi magaling kami ni Penny sa Marriage Enrichment eh. Even in the parish, we were active in the Commission on Family and Life. Even that one was hard for me to give up, eh wala na akong asawa eh, alangan naman hawakan ko pa,” Mon remarked.

Despite him avoiding fellowship with other couples, the community didn’t give up on Mon. They still tried to get in touch with him, inviting him to give talks.

“Slowly, I went back into the groove. I don’t know how, but it just started. And whenever I miss my wife, I would turn to music because it consoles me,” he expressed. And through his love for music, Mon was able to invite a whole band to attend a CLP. The band vocalists had been living together for 25 years, with children but they had never gotten married in church. After the CLP, the couple got married and now belong to a household.

“Another reason that helped me to move on after Penny passed away, in addition to the talk invitations, was my involvement with the revival of the CFC ministry for uniformed personnel now called Order of St Michael,” he recalled.When Mon started to accept giving talks, he was also led by the Lord to accept a leadership position again. He was assigned to handle a small group of Servants of the Lord in Parañaque.

“So I began to have a barkadaof men who were also widowers, some separated. And then ‘yun na. We were back into the usual CFC activities,” he said.He said that the process wasn’t easy. It took him time and a lot of prayer. There was a lot of loneliness to overcome, but his brothers and sisters in the community, music, and his children, helped him move forward.

“Strengthen your spirit to go out there and be the light. You have to go out there and be of service. Hindi pwedeng household meetings lang ang gusto mo. Ang household mo talagang na sa iyo yan, pero anong gagawin mo, after that? You have to serve,” he expressed.

He said that when we do service, we may get tired, but that is also a reason why we need to pray. And as for his new leadership role as Social Development Programs Head, he shared, “My hope now is to be able to be creative enough to use the many social services that we have, that the Lord has given CFC, as avenue for that ‘evangelization’ we are aiming for.”(Andrelene Veloso)

Added on Friday, October 6, 2017



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