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Ageing is a reality. And people who have aged and who are facing the prospect of thinning hair, expanding waistlines, wrinkles and slower reflexes need to graciously acknowledge and accept this reality with gratitude and joy. Many of our leaders and members who joined in the early years of CFC, when they were in the prime of their youth, are now in their so-called golden and diamond years, meaning 60 years old and older. 

They have faced the reality of aging and accepted it as another gift from the Lord. They may not realize it but the Lord used them as instruments in building up CFC into what it is today. Today, they continue to be God’s instruments of hope and joy. Couples in their senior years who have been married for 30 years or more stand as beacons and inspiration for young couples and families today amidst the forces that are slowly eroding and debasing the sanctity of marriage and family life. 

St. John Paul II, in his letter to the elderly said, “The elderly are the guardians of our collective memory, and thus the privileged interpreters of that body of ideals and common values which support and guide life in society… Precisely because of their mature experience, the elderly are able to offer young people precious advice and guidance.” 

In response to the changed demography of CFC, and to give senior couples the honor they deserve, CFC established the Seniors Program. In the very short period that the Seniors Program has been in existence, its activities and teachings have provided the senior members of the community inspiration to continue to serve, not to regard age as an obstacle and to find comfort and support in the presence of other seniors.

What is the CFC Seniors Program? 

The Seniors Program is NOT a ministry. Rather it is a special program designed for CFC, HOLD and SOLD members who are 60 years old and above. Not being a ministry, involvement in the program does not affect the membership of those serving in it in the pastoral structure of CFC. Seniors are in fact encouraged to serve in relevant structure assignment or programs in their respective areas and parishes. The Program encourages households to ensure that seniors who are not physically fit to serve continue to be cared for, spiritually nurtured within the household and connected to the life of CFC. 

Goals of the Program

The primary goal of the Program is the Spiritual/Values Formation of seniors. The training and talks provided by the Program encourage and empower seniors to continue serving God and neighbors using their God-given gifts and talents. Thus, seniors are provided avenues for continuing service to God through CFC such as going on mission, giving formation talks, serving in the Seniors Program as volunteers.Aside from the spiritual aspect, the Program provides other activities, training and talks that assist seniors to confront the challenges and de-velopment changes that go with ageing. Thus talks on legal and financial issues create awareness among the elderly on the benefits and privileges provided by specific laws, assist them in handling their financial needs and concerns such as preparation of estate plans, and matters related to their SSS, GSIS or PhilHealth benefits. 

Also available are talks and seminars on wellness and health so that seniors are better able to understand the changes they are undergoing. Seniors are also encouraged to have an active social life in order to keep them busy and active and able to enjoy regular fellowship with other seniors.

The Program encourages linkages and partnerships with other groups and institutions that also work with seniors. These partners include LGUs, barangay units, seniors associations, church groups, foundations and geriatric clubs. 

Seniors National Core Group 

Seniors Program Overseer:Lito Tayag 

Seniors Program Coordinator: Rene Punsalan 

Members:Boy and Lida Granados, Jess and Emy Marasigan, Fil and Edythe Avendano, Linda Tayag, Grace Pasigan, Leo Dela Cruz, Bernie Cuevas

Sectors/provinces that wish to establish the Seniors Program in their areas are encouraged to get in touch with Harmony Medina at or 7094868 loc. 28.

Added on Friday, October 6, 2017



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