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CFC Seniors Program: Toward a Meaningful Life

The CFC Seniors Program PFO launched the first talk of a series of new teachings meant for the Seniors of CFC. The first talk, titled “Toward a Meaningful Life”, tackles the roles that seniors play in the Church, society and in the community, in light of the Catholic Church’s emphasis on the plight of the elderly and what they can still do to enrich not only their own lives but even that of others under their particular circumstances. In 1998, the Pontifical Council of the Laity issued a document entitled “The Dignity of Older People and their Mission in the Church and in the World” exhorting the elderly that: “Notwithstanding the complexity of your problems [...], and the forces which gradually wear you down… you are not and must not consider yourselves to be on the margins of the life of the Church, passive elements in a world in excessive motion, but active subjects of a period in human existence which is rich in spirituality and humanity. You still have a mission to fulfil and a contribution to make.”

St. John Paul II also said that older people can specifically be “witnesses of the tradition of faith both in the Church and society (cf. Ps 44:2; Ex 12:26-27), teachers of the lessons of life (cf. Sir 6:34; 8:11-12) and workers of charity.”

The module explores the ways by which seniors in CFC can fulfill their new roles at this stage in their life. As Fr. Lawrence Llano SVD, said during the Mass before the teaching: “There is no retirement in the Lord’s farm.”

The talk was first given to the Senior Sectors Coordinators last September 23, 2017 and will now be cascaded to the different sectors in Manila and eventually to the provinces. (CFC Seniors Program)

Added on Friday, October 6, 2017



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