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Missions in the Land of the Rising Sun

It was just a dream. But it turned into a reality all because of God’s grace and His promises that unfolded during my two-weekend mission trip to Tokyo, Nagoya and Yokohama in Japan from August 17 to August 27. I truly experienced Jesus during this mission.

“Konichiwa! Arigatou gozaimasu!” These words greeted us when we landed at the Narita International Airport, marking the start of the mission. Immediately, we touched base with the Singles for Christ for the “All Out” National Conference held in Salesio Gakuin, Yokohama attended by 32 SFCs. All throughout the four sessions, the Lord reminded them of His all-out love for His children. 

Session 1, “At All Times”, was delivered by Erwin Paler, Unit Head of CFC Yokohama who reminded SFC about God’s transforming love. “Our unstoppable God has touched every aspect of our lives—family, career, lifestyle and relationship,” Paler shared.Alvin Valenzuela, CFC Area Head of Kita-Kanto, in Session 2 (“Keeping the Faith”), reiterated the role of faith in one’s life. He exhorted, “Faith is not limited to works because faith without works is dead. Action starts from our personal devotion to God.” The third session titled “Into the Light”, given by CFC Global Communications Head Rommel Ancheta, illustrated how SFCs can know their purpose by coming to God. “When we come into the light, the Lord will make us realize and help us discover our purpose, vocation and gift,” Ancheta revealed.I gave the last session, titled 

“All Out for Christ”. I shared with the SFCs how the love of God can move and transform us.

The conference ended with a fellowship on Saturday night with the CFC- Youth for Christ, who had their Solid Ground National Conference the following day.

From SFC to YFC

The Solid Ground National Conference was held in the same venue and was attended by 25 participants. The sessions during the conference enabled the YFCs to experience God and to realize how their faith must be anchored on Solid Ground.

What struck me in both conferences, aside from the speakers and sharers, was how the entire community of Couples for Christ worked together in making both events victorious. By giving of their time, talent and treasure for the said event, and bringing their own families so they could serve together, CFC in these cities truly manifested how CFC is about families in the Holy Spirit renewing the face of the earth. 

There is still so much to do


The mission may seem easy, but evangelization can a bit of a challenge in Japan. And these setbacks may continue to challenge all of us, but these struggles also motivate CFC to go to the ends of the earth for God’s greater glory.

Through the pastoral visits I did in some areas, I was able to appreciate the beauty of Japan more. I was also able to taste and experience their culture, food and traditions. I guess that is the “bonus” that goes with the mission. 

My deepest gratitude to the Country Head of CFC Japan, Leo and Owen Labrador; the Area Governance Team headed by Boyet and Malou Vasquez; and to my hosts, Leo and Perla Abrenica and family, and Edcel de la Torre; and most especially, to God, who has become my compass and strength in mission. Truly, CFC in the Land of the Rising Sun represents hope. I may have stayed only for two weeks, but the things I learned from everyone I met and en-ountered truly brought a light to my missionary journey.(Francis Xavier Buñag)

Added on Tuesday, September 26, 2017


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