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CFC HOLD Conducts Leaders Summit

The HOLD North America Leaders Summit was held on the morning of September 8, just before the conference. Some 200 Core Group members, household heads and unit heads attended the conference. 

Francis Yap, Canada's CFC National Director, kicked off the summit with his talk on Strengthening the Core. He emphasized, “Whatever we’re made of, wherever we came from, and whoever we are, it is our core that defines us. And our core value starts from Love.” 

Atty. Canyl Bustos spoke about showing that love by serving each other in HOLD. She presented the HOLD Handbook, where teaching tracks from years 1 to 3 have been itemized to help household heads and unit heads in their service.

Jojo Reandelar, USA's CFC Family Ministry Head, reinforced the message by his talk on The Call To Mission, giving emphasis to the quote from St. Teresa of Calcutta: God does not require that we be successful, only that we be faithful.

Sharers Vangie Cheng and Ludy Buencamino drove home the point with their personal testimonies. Malou Clarito hit closer to the heart when she shared her joys and struggles in serving with husband Jun Clarito as Regional Head for poverty-stricken Africa.(Marizza Diaz & Malou Clarito)

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