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CFC OSM Conducts CEM for NCR Police Officers

The CFC-OSM (Order of St. Michael) Core Team conducted the Character Enhancement Modules 1 to 3 for the National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO)from June 27 to 29, 2017 as per request of Rev. Fr. Noel Ponsaran, Philippine National Police-PODRPO Chief. 

The sessions were held at the Moral Center, Camp Bagong Diwa, Bicutan, Taguig City for 157 PO1 participants. Imee Ona, OSM Secretary General and Mrs. Cherrilyn Albayalde, wife of NCRPO Director, Chief Superintendent Oscar Albay-alde, facilitated the conduct of the modules. CEM 1 (Only For The Brave) was conducted on the first day with Mon De Leon as speaker for Session 1 titled “Heroes for God and Country.” Session 2, “Roadblocks To Greatness”, was delivered by MGen Willy Ona, with Hector Elizares of CFC Metro Manila South A as sharer. Session 3 titled “Defending Our Families, Building Our Homes” had Sixto Caypuno of MM SouthB and Chito Gomez, also from South B, as speaker and sharer, respectively. Session 4, “Forgiveness”, was given by Leo Dela Cruz, and SPO2 Raldy Bucu of MM East B as sharer.


After the sessions, the participants were asked to write a letter to God focusing on A.C.T.S. (Adoration, Contrition, Thanksgiving and Supplication). CEM 2 (Strength to Succeed) was conducted on the sec-ond day, June 28th. Session 1 “True Freedom” was delivered by Robert Labayen, Sector Head of Metro Manila South A, with Supt. Angel Cariaga (CFC Cavite) as sharer.

Session 2, “Harnessing the Power of Temperance”, had Jaycee dela Cruz as speaker and Elmer Jacob (MM South B) as sharer. Meanwhile, Session 3 on ”Stew-ardship as Key to Freedom” was conducted by Mon De Leon, with Derrick Aguilar (MM SB) as sharer. Session 4, “The Strength to Success”, speaker was (Ret.) Col. Art Alabanza and Danilo Sayson (MM South A) was sharer. After Session 4, a pray over session of the participants followed, focusing on their petitions as mentioned in their letters to God. 

On the last day, June 29th, CEM3 (The Heart To Serve) was conducted with Mon De Leon as the speaker for Session 1 (“Our Beloved Philippines”); MGen Willy Ona for Session 2 (“Esprit De Corps”) with PSI Romy Ibay (MM SB) as sharer; and Blue Pasco for Session 3 (“Building a Family of Love”) with Pros Quinto (SB) as sharer. 

Meanwhile, Session 4, “A Soldier after God’s Own Heart” had Raymund Bucu (MM SB) as speaker and Elmer Jacob (SB) as sharer. The final Session, “All Out Victory”, was delivered by Art Alabanza, followed by an inspirational message from PS Supt Ariel L. Andrade, Chief, Regional Training and Education Division. Mrs. Albayalde likewise shared an encouraging message with the participants whom she lovingly addressed as her children. 

What’s so special about this three-day program? First, this is the first time that the OSM Core Team conducted the three modules in three consecutive days. Second, the modules presented were reviewed by a panel and were adopted as part of the PNP’s Moral Recovery Program. This was mainly due to the positive response from the participants and as per observation, and of course, the approval of NCRPO Director, Chief Superintendent Oscar Albayalde. (Lhou Gernale)

Added on Wednesday, September 13, 2017



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