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Theology of the Body (TOB) and TOB Weekend FAQs
What  is  the  Theology  of  the  Body? 
The Theology of the  Body  is a series of 129  talks given  by Pope John Paul II during the early part  of his pontificate from 1979  to 1984.  It is a series of Biblical reflections on God’s plan  for creating us male and  female, love, marriage, and  sexuality.

What  is  the  TOB  Weekend? 
The TOB Weekend is a formation weekend that  aims to give participants basic knowledge on TOB to help  them understand the whys behind the whats  of basic Catholic teachings on marriage and  sexuality and  the issues regarding these. This is to help  participants apply TOB in their lives as married or single persons.  The TOB Weekend combines lectures with personal reflection, small group sharing, group discussion, and  film showing.

Who  can  attend? 
The TOB Weekend is OPEN  TO ALL. It is highly  recommended for leaders of CFC and the Family Ministries, PFO and  GOL coordinators, fulltime pastoral workers and  ministry coordinators.

SFCs, mature YFCs, priests, nuns,  and  other religious, youth ministers, and  educators will also  greatly benefit from the TOB Weekend.  Friends from outside the  CFC community are also  welcome to attend.

What  is  the  schedule  of  the  TOB  Weekend? 
The weekend begins Saturday 8:00  AM until Sunday 1:00  PM.

How  much  is  the  registration  fee? 
The registration fee is still to be determined depending on the  venue but  will usually range from 1,500 to 2,500/head including accommodations, meals, and  handouts.

More and  more it is becoming evident that  Blessed John Paul II’s Theology of the Body is a powerful message of hope and  renewal and  an important tool  for the new evangelization.  As families  in the  Holy Spirit renewing the  face of the  earth, the  TOB is a valuable treasure that  will provide us with the right  formation for ourselves and  our families in understanding our sexuality, our purpose, our vocation, and  our destiny.

For details on the TOB Weekend I registration, please click here.

Added on Wednesday, February 5, 2014


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