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THE FOLLOWING is the exhortation by CFC Chairman Joe Tale during the event Marriage Is Beautiful: Families Are Forever, held last February 27, 2017 at the SMX Convention Center.


Bakit ba tayo nandidito ngayong hapon? We are here because, in this event, we would like to truly proclaim to the world that marriage is beautiful. Marami kasing mga bali-balita, maraming lumalabas sa ating mga dyaryo at telebisyon na ang ipinapakita ay ‘yung mgamarriage na nasira, mgafamilies na dysfunctional. Gusto nating sabihin sa mundo hindi lang yon, na iilan lang yung mga ganoon.


We proclaim that marriage is a gift from the Lord and that marriage is beautiful. We are here so that we can have this venue to nurture this gift of marriage. We are here to reflect together, to dialogue together, to share the best practices together, to support one another so that indeed, ito pong napakahalagang gift ng Panginoon ay patuloy at lalo pang lalakas.


We are here to share suggestions. Wala naming fixed solutions  siguro, but through our discussions, through our exposure to the workshops,  ay mas lalong lalakas ang samahan natin as husband and wife, and as parents to our children. We are here to help counteract the attacks to marriage and family.


At a time when society seeks to redefine marriage and family, when sex is separated from marriage, we celebrate marriage and we proclaim to the world the sacrament of matrimony as the exclusive, permanent, insoluble life-giving bond that God has given to us, as God has designed it to be. So it’s precisely itong mga characteristics na ito that will strengthen and help us build strong marriages and strong families.


Alam po natin that marriage is the beginning of the most basic unit of human society which is the family, and because marriage is forever, families are forever. It is a bond that is more powerful than any friendship or fellowship. Families are forever—this is a reminder to us parents that the families that we build are ultimately our legacy to the world. It is a reminder to the children as well that dito po sa pamilya, dito po sila unang natututo ng mga magagandang asal. Everything that they will need as they grow up, they will learn at home. And the home is a place where they are loved the most.


The strength of marriage is not only based on our compatibility with each other as husband and wife, or how many things we have in common. The strength of marriage lies in how well we work through our differences by unconditional love, the total gift of self that comes from the Lord Who is the giver of this beautiful gift.


Marriage is a gift that entails a promise. It is like a seed that you commit to grow and nurture for the rest of your life. It is constantly changing and moving until it is fruitful. So we gather this afternoon to reflect and to realize once more that indeed, all marriages and all families are a gift from the Lord. The relationship that is in the marriage and in the family brings us an approximation of the characteristic of our God because here, it is love that overflows. It is in marriage that God creates life. Marriage is beautiful not because it is perfect, because no marriage is perfect, but because it reminds us to stretch our hearts beyond our capacity to love, in order that we can truly accommodate another person, another life. In marriage, this means our spouse, our children.


These strengths give us the opportunity to be holy, to be like God, to be perfect as our God is perfect, as St. Paul also encourages. Marriage therefore is a relationship that allows the full expression of total gift of self. We experience the essence of a life well lived. We realize that it takes a community to raise a family and it is good that we belong to a community that helps us raise our families. Because beautiful marriages don’t just happen, they have to be nurtured, with love and respect for one another every day. It should start from us, husband and wife, and the children and our in-laws. When we love, we invest time, we invest effort, we build memories together so that the memories not only of the parents themselves but also the children are kept and nurtured and are remembered.


Again, beautiful marriages do not just happen; they require not only commitment but a lot more. They require prayers. We must continuously nurture this atmosphere of prayer in the family so that our marriages will truly last forever. And we do this in the context of family that supports us kasi mahirap po ang mag-isa. But with the family, with our community, we all help to achieve this objective.


The fruit of marriage is family, whether or not it is blessed with biological children. We continue to belong to a family despite the absence of biological children, but there can be many other children that we can take care of. Family defines a bond that nobody can take away and it is our ultimate duty to take care and defend our families.



And as a community, as a family of families, we are also called to defend the family as an institution. Welcome to this event that proclaims that marriage is beautiful. At ito po ay ninanais natin na magpatuloy taun-taon, so that every year we see families getting stronger. We invite you even now to the future events of Marriage is Beautiful. And we hope, lahat po tayo will be able to gain greater knowledge, greater inspiration as we pray to the Lord together, and ask Him to really bless our marriage and our families so that we can be examples, we can be witnesses to the whole world that families are forever. Families are a gift from the Lord and God, our Lord is forever.

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