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6,000 UMak students stand for Zero Drugs

SIX THOUSAND students from University of Makati attended the two-day seminar on drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco prevention last November 9 and 10, 2016. Discussed in the seminar were the various effects of substance abuse and how one can avoid it.


Through the collaboration and efforts of the university of Makati Guidance and Counselling Center, Couples for Christ Project ReForm, CFC Youth for Christ and the Philippine National Police, the message of being one in the campaign against drugs and the importance of each ones effort to solve the problem.



Speakers Michael and Amy Lobrigo from Couples for Christ and Alvin Genese and Earl Yambao invited the students to “Answer a different kind of knock.” It is not the knock that popularly known as “TokHang” but the knocking that comes from the Lord to open our hearts and receive Him so we can attain the fullness of life.

Added on Thursday, February 2, 2017



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