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ANCOP North A: Moving and Alive

Families in the Holy Spirit Sharing Christ's Transforming Love with the Poor (ANCOP Vision)


Answering the Cry of the Poor or ANCOP, a program founded by Couples for Christ, was established for the purpose of consolidating CFC’s efforts in building the church of the poor.  ANCOP has several programs centered on service to the poor.


Among the success stories of ANCOP are the stories of the children of poor parents who have managed to graduate from high school and college as ANCOP scholars, stories of small businesses prospering, stories of families who, for the first time in their lives now have homes they can call their own. Their success can be attributed to the ANCOP volunteers who have committed their time and effort to ensuring that the ANCOP programs are implemented and monitored.


One of these volunteer teams is the ANCOP North A team composed of: Minya Sta. Maria, Child Sponsorship Program; Alex Geremias, OIKOS; Nery Geremias, Pastoral Formation Office; Lally Tabuan, Social Development Programs; Lito Balintec, Co-ops for Christ; Manny Mendoza, Cornerstone; Eve Lim Handmaids of the Lord; and Max Avelino, Shelter


The ANCOP North A team is headed by Beng Garcia and his wife Irene.


Daily Life of an ANCOP Mission Worker


The North A volunteers, who each have a different orientation in approaching the work based on their affiliation with the various CFC programs, recount below what they go through daily as an ANCOP mission worker.


Minya: Araw araw nagrereport ako dito tapos tinitingnan ko lahat yung mga daily routine dito lalong lalo na yung sa Child Sponsorship program. We [Project Implementation Team] meet once a week kung ano yung problems, yung mga situations ng mga CSP [scholars, at we monitoring the children [their status] in school at saka sa pamilya nila.


Manny: Ang masasabi ko is challenging sya (the work) pero masaya dahil even though walang money involved for us, fulfilling naman kasi nakikita mo yung paglago ng pagkatao nung taong sineserve natin sa ANCOP program.  


Lally: Still coping with the workload [which I thought was] easy. Di naman sa nageexpect na maging masaya pero yung expectation namin talaga is to work for the upliftment ng mas nangangailangan ng tulong.


Lito: Ang daily routine namin is yung mga pagfofollow-up at pag-process ng mga bayad ng loan.. We coordinate with head office, sa NAMC [North A Mission Center] para sa lahat ng yang mga loans, mga checks as well as yung mga money involved sa transaction.


Eve: Sa Handmaids we are connected to CFC so whatever activity the CFC has, we are always there to represent and participate in the activity. Tapos we document with pictures.


Challenges of an ANCOP worker


Alex: Yung isang challenge working as a volunteer in ANCOP is yung continuity. Kasi halos every year nagbabago ng coordinators. It’s a challenge because perpetual yung pag-brief mo or pag-orient mo ng bagong coordinator.  


Nery: Ang nagiging malaki talagang challenge, may mga program na walang coordinator because they focus on evangelization work of CFC. Minsan ang natitirang coordinator, yung hindi masyadong committed sa service.


Max: Sa amin sa Shelter ang challenge namin right now is to match the output versus the financial support. Yung situation ngayon, gaya sa Tala ang contribution ay maliit lang kasi we can’t expect more sa mga beneficiaries natin who are victims of leprosy. Situational kasi yung challenge ng budget.


Beng:What has always been the challenge for us are appreciation and attraction


Coping with challenges


Alex: We pray. I hope  to see  some changes such that ma-permanent na yung workers to make it more serious as a ministry or social action work of Couples for Christ in accordance with the social doctrine ng simbahan.


Beng: You need to live with it kasi we have a one ANCOP concept. Lahat kami kaya kami nagmamahalan is kailangan namin ang isa’t isa. Hindi pwedeng magkanya kanyang biyahe kami.


ANCOP Experiences


Minya: Masaya magserve lalo na sa CSP pag nakikita mong nakakagraduate yung mga bata.


Manny: Yung nakita mo na nag-improve yung mga bata, at nag-improve yung mga magulang. Dati  mahiyain sila. After nung program,  makikita mo yung mga magulang, nagpa-participate na sila.


Lally: May mga natututunan ako na hindi ko alam dati. Hindi ka lang nakakatulong sa kung ano man ang pwede mong maitulong pero na-improve rin namin yung sarili namin dahil sa maraming programs na yan.


Beng: Masarap yung feeling na ginagamit ka ng Diyos para matransform yung mga kapatid natin. Yung feeling of joy and fulfillment. Pupunta ka dun kasi you want to help, because you love God.


Eve: Sa Handmaids yung sa Migrants [program]. Nagstart kami nun sa OWWA. Kahit na ang hirap kasi ang gastos sa amin. Minsan nga lumulusong kami sa baha. Parang fulfilling na kahit paano nakatulong kami at nagustuhan nila yung naibigay namin na Values Formation


Nery: We were there all the time [the transition from Gawad Kalinga to ANCOP]. Talagang mahirap kasi magastos sa lahat ng resources, time and talent. Yung fulfillment there is you can see the response, especially when you see that they choose to come back because they like it that we are with them and we share our life with them.  


Message to those who are interested to volunteer


The North Team were one in inviting anyone interested in ANCOP to come join them or any of the ANCOP teams in other areas and sectors. They decried the lack of volunteers but stressed that those desiring to work in ANCOP must be motivated by love for the mission and the poor because this love will allow them to be happy in what they are doing.


Describe ANCOP North A Team


When asked to describe themselves, the North A team had only one word:  Empowered!


Manny and Beng added that the team is eager and the work is “moving and alive!”  They emphasized that the composition of the team is good and expressed the hope that ANCOP work in their sector will fly not because of themselves but “because we love God.”


With a total of 566 CSP scholars, 120 Cornerstone tutees, 140 house units built with 18 on going, ANCOP North A is definitely moving and alive. (Christina Quiambao)


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