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Central A: Aiming High, Moving Forward

The first featured sector is Central A now headed by Biboy and Rachel Arguelles. 

Central A has 21 chapters spread over 17 parishes, one corporation, and one military ordinariate. Most of the parishes belong to the Archdiocese of Manila under Cardinal Luis Antonio G. Tagle. Christ the King Parish in Greenmeadows, however, is in the Diocese of Cubao under Bp. Honesto F. Ongtioco. The corporation, Meralco, is under the Diocese of Pasig under Bp. Mylo Hubert C. Vergara, while Camp Aguinaldo, which is part of the Military Ordinariate of the Philippines, is under Most Rev. Leopoldo S. Tumulak.

These geographical and pastoral delineations make for an interesting mix but a welcome one because it gives the sector a much wider scope for evangelization than other sectors. 


In terms of geopolitical divisions, Central A’s service area is mostly spread in Mandaluyong City and San Juan City. Parts of Quezon City (Greenmeadows, White Plains, and Libis area) and Manila (Sta. Mesa) are also in the service area.

The following barangays are under Central A: - Barangka Ilaya, Barangka Itaas. Barangka Ibaba, and Barangay Malamig (under CA2a) ; Brgy. Plainview (under CA2b); Brgy. Highway Hills and Brgy. Mauway (under CA2c); Barangays San Joaquin, Plainview, Hulo and Barangka (under CA2d).

Mission Highlights

Central A has spawned wave after wave of leaders and members imbued with the missionary spirit.

In 1984, or only three short years after CFC’s birth, the first Christian Life Program in San Juan was conducted in Pinaglabanan by a team led by Rouquel and Nina Ponte. That first CLP graduated 17 couples. Although the Pontes graduated from their own CLP in 1982 in another area, they became the first Unit Leaders in San Juan.

In Mandaluyong, the first CLP was at San Felipe Neri in 1989 with around 89 couples as graduates. In that batch were Jimmy and Lorna Ilagan, now serving as member of the International Council or also called CFC’s Board of Trustees. 

Joe Tale, CFC’s Chairman, is from Central A, being a resident of Mandaluyong. Joe and Babylou served as Team Leaders of the first CLP held in Pasig in 1988. Many of Central A’s current leaders graduated from that CLP, there being no CFC in Mandaluyong at that time. This batch however served in the first CLP in San Felipe in 1989. 

In 1990, among the first to venture into provincial mission were Rouquel and Nina Ponte who brought a team with them to Bicol. The couple were also instrumental in bringing mission teams to Pakistan (1991) and to the United Arab Emirates (1992). The mission trip to UAE paved the way for more missions in the entire Middle East. 

The first wave of Central A missionaries to Europe and South America in 1996 included Nolet and Mila Ladrido, Peter and Malou Aventajado, Edwin and Nila Andrews, Tony and Ruby Borja, Reggie and Janet Ragojos, Bong and Lisa Rabajas, Bangy and Shirley Bangayan, Junn and Malou Enriquez, and Chito and Mariles Ligunas. 

This first wave led to more mission teams being formed to service both local and foreign areas. 

In 1998, the very first corporate CLP was held at Meralco graduating 25 members from CFC, HOLD, SOLD and SFC. From only three CLPs in the first year, the group in Meralco blossomed into a chapter. The first chapter leaders of Meralco were Cris and Marivic Yap ( CLP Graduate of Santuario de San Jose in 1993). To date, Meralco has 250 active members. 

One significant mission highlight of the sector is the conduct of the first Christian Life Program for military generals in the early 2000s. This breakthrough led to the formation of the Sword of Gideon, now renamed Order of St. Michael, and the community’s inroads into the armed forces, including the military camps all over the country and prime academies such as the Philippine Military Academy and the Philippine National Police Academy.

The sector took the lead in mounting evangelization missions using the gift of music. The group 29AD, led by the late Bob Serrano and his wife Aileen, conducted music missions starting in 2006. These missions continue up to the present. These music missions involved going to far places and conducting music workshops which were, more often than not, timed to coincide with major area or country milestones such as echo conferences. The talents and skills of 29 AD and the dedication of Bob led to the writing of two original musicals, Selphie and Teen St. Pedro. Both musicals were performed to sell-out audiences that included the clergy. 29 AD have shared their music in several countries in the continents of Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa.

Family Ministries

The first children’s formation program and youth program (then called Young Adults program) were established in Mary the Queen around 1991. Two years later, Youth for Christ and Kids for Christ were formed.

The first CLP for Singles for Christ was held at Xavier School in 1993 with around 300 graduates. These graduates were then brought to other areas in Metro Manila to establish SFC. Bboy Arguelles belonged to this first batch. By 1994, the first CLP for Central A SFC began in Don Bosco with 120 graduates. 

By 1997, when SFC members who found their GG (God’s Gift) in the ministry got married and transitioned to Couples for Christ, the Metro Manila sectors formed the first household of newly married former SFC leaders. Bboy and Rachel belonged to this household which was led by Eric and Joan Bostre. From 1997 up to the present, Central A has been forming households of newly married SFCs in a seamless transition to CFC. 

The first seniors household, comprised mainly of retired/senior MCG leaders, was also established in the sector sometime in 2003. The current Seniors Program was launched 13 years later or in 2016.

Central A Today

Central A has withstood the tests and trials of the two storms that struck CFC in 2007 and 2009 and remains strong and steadfast in their commitment to the faith and to community. The sector is a seedbed for missionaries who have dedicated their time and effort to serving, whether here in the Philippines or abroad.Some Central A members who are now assigned to foreign missions are:

Bboy and Rachel Arguelles 

Country Coordinator of Qatar

Leo and Owen Labrador

Country Coordinator of Japan

Manny and Grace Panagsagan

Country Coordinator of Laos

Lay and Bay Laya

Regional Coordinator of Indian Ocean Region

Gilbs and Amy Cheang

Country Coordinator of Taiwan

Nolet and Mila Ladrido

Regional Coordinator of Eastern Europe

Junn and Malou Enriquez 

Mission Coordinator for Central Asia

Mon and Marge Bañas

Provincial Area Head of Aurora

Ding and Tess Aguinaldo

Provincial Area Head of Batangas

Judging by their commitment to the Lord’s work, Central A will be strong and will stand firm in the faith for many more years to come.

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