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CFC West A’s Tribute to Mothers

WEST A marked the celebration of Mother’s Day by honoring the valiant and benevolent mothers and saints in the Bible.

The event was held at the Shrine of Our Lady of Grace Parish in Caloocan City last May 14, 2017.“Motherhood is a gift from God,” said Tootsie Lopez, the Metro Manila Mission Coordinator of the Handmaids of the Lord (HOLD) who was also the invited guest speaker at the event.

Lopez shared her reflections on the Biblical women who exemplify the fine virtues of motherhood. She began with Jochebed, the mother of Moses, who embodied a mother’s pure and selfless love. She also spoke of Hannah, a mother who consecrated her only son, the prophet Samuel, to God’s service. 

But Lopez didn’t focus on mothers in the Bible alone; she also spoke about saints who represent motherhood because of their love for their own children. She cited St. Monica, the patron saint of mothers with wayward children. After she spent 19 years praying and fasting, St. Monica was finally able to witness the conversion of her son, St. Augustine, who abandoned his profligate life and became a priest, a bishop and who is now regarded as a Doctor of the Church.

Lopez ended with Mary, the mother of Jesus. Mary’s love extended to all of humanity and she has been exhibiting her love for man through numerous apparitions inviting all to return to her son and be assured of eternal salvation. 

After her sharing, Lopez asked the husbands to offer something tangible that they would want to commit themselves to and honor their spouses with. The children were asked to offer something concrete to their mothers. The mothers were asked to write what legacy they would want to impart to their husbands and children.

The participants were encouraged to share what they wrote. Most of the messages were filled with love and honor for the mothers at the event. The mothers in turn vowed to continue loving unconditionally. The celebration was concluded with a flower offering to the Blessed Mother.

This activity was spearheaded by the Sector Governance Team (SGT) with Nonoy and Nina Caunga, the Sector Leaders of West A. The SGT members with their spouses, HOLD leaders and cluster leaders also participated in this event.

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