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Army Chaplains Go Through Trainers Training

LAST May 4, the CFC Order of St. Michael conducted the first trainers’  training  for  its third  Module in  Philippine  Army Character Enhancement  Program  (PACEP) “The Heart to Serve” in the Office of the Army Chief Chaplain Service (OACCS) in Fort Bonifacio. A total of 57 participated in the trainers’ training,  29  of whom  were  chaplains and 28 PA assistants.

The  OSM  team  delivered  the morning’s first talk after the invocation led by Fr. Art Llaso, followed by the overview of the new module given  by  Art  Alabanza.  Speakers for  the  four  (4)  talks were  Mon De  Leon,  CFC  OSM  Training  and Development Officer; MGen Willy Ona, Jaycee Dela Cruz and Col. Art Alabanza, OSM Head.

In the afternoon, the participants were divided into four groups (corresponding to the 4 talks) according to region. Each group was assigned talks  with  the  actual  activities  to be done; alternatively other groups were  assigned  to  critique  the  performing  group. Group  1  (Talk  1) – “Love for Country - Our Beloved Philippines” was  presented  by Northern Luzon; Group 2 (Talk 2) – “Love for the Organization – Esprit De Corp” was presented by Southern Luzon; Group 3 (Talk 3) – “Love for the  Family-  Building  a  Family  of Love” was presented by the Visayas; and the 4th group (Talk 4) – “Love for God – A Soldier After God’s Own Heart” was presented by Mindanao. 

Overall,  all  the  groups  were able  to  deliver  their  topic  well. But since this module is still new, some observations were noted for changes/enhancements.

Army  Chief  Chaplain  Col.  Fr. Fernando S. Gaila appreciated the group for their efforts in spite the fact  that  the  PA  Chaplain Service doesn’t have enough funds for this program.  He  expressed plans  to reach  the  ten  thousand  (10,000) recipient mark. Fr. Gaila  made  his  own  suggestions to improve the module, exhorting  OSM  to  “Customize it,  because  in  the  different  areas, the mentality is different.” (Lhou Gernale)

Added on Monday, June 5, 2017



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