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Order of St. Michael Holds Second CEM in Camp Olivas

THE Order  of  St. Michael  again  conducted  the  Character Enhancement  Module for the Philippine National  Police  (PNP) last May 23, this time in  Camp  Olivas,  San Fernando,  Pampanga. Ninety-six  police  officers  attended  the seminar, as part of the Re-Training  Program of the PNP for the participants. Out of the 96 participants,  3  were women and 24% were non-Catholic.

Rev.  Fr.  Arnulfo Castillo,  the  camp’s spiritual  head,  led the group into prayer to officially  start  the module. (Ret.) MGen. Willy Ona,  CEM Moderator,  gave  the overview  of  the  program. Morning session speakers  were  (Ret) Col. Art Alabanza for “Heroes for  God  and Country” and Mon De Leon  for  “Roadblocks to Greatness”. 

In  the  afternoon, Jaycee Dela Cruz gave the talk on “Defending our Families,  Building  our  Home”,  with Raldy  Bucu  sharing his personal  testimony.  The  participants, more  aware  by  this time of what threatens their families and how they can improve their relationship with their spouses  and  children, started  to  appreciate the  sessions  and  became  more  and  more involved. 

Talk  4  was  about “Forgiveness”, and this time  the  participants were all ears as they listened  to  the  personal experience of Alabanza and Danny Sayson’s personal  testimony. “All Out Victory”, the last talk of the module, was delivered by Ona, who  summarized all the talks. 

At the plenary sharing, leaders of the five groups  shared  their personal  realizations and experiences. Most of  them  confessed  to being moved by Talks 3 and 4, about Family and Forgiveness, sharing that they have now come  to  realize  the importance of quality time and communication with their family, how a simple call and “hello”  can  already deliver love and affection while they are on their  station  or  duty. Another  realization they  shared  was  about God being the center of their lives. Many of them cited  forgiveness as  the reason  why  they  were sent  to  the  seminar—to forgive and be forgiven.

At  the  end  of  the program,  Chief  Regional Police Sr. Supt Oscar P. Jacildo gave an inspirational message, centered on his belief that there is innate good in every person. He shared that for twelve years, he struggled for his  promotion  as  a  policeman, suffering reprimand  so  many times,  pushed  back  and  even suspended. He endured so much but continued to pray to God. 

“Have a firm belief in God. If you  believe  in  Him,  you  won’t go wrong,” he shared. “We are all victims.  We  are  all  responsible for each  other.  If  you  see  evil things, don’t tolerate them. You carry the  color  on  your  sleeves not just as a policeman, but as a good family man. You are a living hero.” Jacildo added. 

As  a  parting  word  to  his men, Sr. Supt. Jacildo imparted, “Have a strong conviction. Act in  accordance  with  the  law, earn respect and responsibility. Ask  help  if  needed.  Give  new meaning to your life when you return  to  your  stations.  Don’t push.  Enjoy  your service  with dignity.” (Lhou Gernale)

Added on Monday, June 5, 2017



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