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CFC Oikos Society Conducts Nationwide Assessment and Planning Workshops

STRENGTHENED by  the  affirmation  from  Pope  Francis’  encyclical ‘Laudato  Si’, Couples for Christ’s Program for  the  environment, Oikos Society,  conducted  Nationwide  Assessment  and  Planning Workshops  in  Metro Manila, Pangasinan, Laguna, Ormoc, Iloilo City and Tangub during  the  months  of  April and  May.  Regional  and Provincial Heads, Provincial and Sector  Oikos  Coordinators and representatives from the Family  Ministries  attended the workshops.

Through this activity, Oikos was  able  to  gather  and  collect  data from  different  areas where  the  program  is  present and assisted those who want to get involved in this advocacy. The assessment was also made to  determine  the  level  of  success  and  failure  of the  Oikos’ programs  in  following  Pope Francis’ mandate on caring for Mother  Earth.  This  served  as basis  for  sound  and  realistic planning which was the second part of the workshop.

The teachings from Laudato Si  enabled  the  participants  to conceptualize the activities that they  will  soon  be  having  this year.  Among  these  activities are the tree growing program, observance  of  proper  waste management  and  awareness seminars. 

The  earth  may  be  beginning to look like an immense pile  of filth,  but  Couples  for Christ, through this advocacy, continues to hope and put its faith into action by taking the front line and being stewards of  God’s  creation  and  guardians of this home we call Earth. (Yvonne Dolorosa)

Added on Monday, June 5, 2017



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