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Life-giving Justice, Not Deadly Revenge (The CFC YFC Statement on the Death Penalty)

AS  A pro-life  community, CFC – Youth for Christ stands firm  in  its  conviction  of opposing the death penalty bill. We  share  the  same  vision of  fighting  criminality  but death  penalty  is  not  the answer  to  criminality.  Studies conducted  on  countries with death penalty show that there has never been any evidence that  the  imposition of  death penalty  reduces  the occurrence  of  crimes  nor  will  it deter  prospective offenders from  committing  a crime. 

For  instance,  “homicide  rate is  at  least  five  times  greater in United States (where death penalty is done in most of its states)  than  in  any  Western European country, all without the  death  penalty” (Carter, 2012). Hence, it is not a probable deterrent to criminality.

Moreover,  we  share  the same  faith  and  conscience that dictates us that life is sacred. We believe that “human life, no matter how deformed and  depraved  in  its  earthly condition,  is  always sacred, because  it’s  a  life  that  has  a special  and  very intimate relation  with  God, its  creator.” Since life is a gift from God, it is only through God’s will that life can come to its natural  end.  Death  penalty will put the  final  say  to life or  death  of  a  person to the government’s  will  and  that will  run contrary  to life’s sacred nature. Killing  a person  through capital punishment will take away the opportunity of the person to repent and change. 

Passing the death penalty is as  good  as  saying  that  the Filipino people is a hopeless cases—that we are not capable of conversion. The passage of the death penalty bill is an indication of the government’s incapability of affecting positive and influential change in the country. Since the government does not prioritize the rehabilitation  of  those  who need it, they will just impose capital  punishment  to  kill them to ease the problem.

The  sacredness  and  dignity of life from conception to  natural  death  should  be preserved.  When  we  put  an end  to  a  criminal’s  life,  we also put an end to his chance to  experience  life transformation. It is therefore more becoming  of  a government to help their citizens in their moral transformation rather than putting an end to their life. ”…I take no pleasure in the death of the wicked, but rather  that  the wicked  turn from his way and live. Turn back,  turn  back  from  your evil ways! Why then will you die, O house of Israel? (Ezekiel 33:11 NABRE)”. It is then our sworn mandate  to  improve the quality of life rendering death penalty unnecessary. 

Death penalty is not a call to  justice;  it  is  a  call  to  revenge.  We  want  the  young people  to  continue  in  valuing  life  no  matter  how  deformed and depraved it may be.  We  want  to  teach  the young people not to revenge but  to  promote transformative justice for everyone. The culture of life-giving justice, and not of deadly revenge, is the culture that we want the young to learn and live by. If we focus on revenge, we can never find peace.

Added on Wednesday, April 19, 2017



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