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The 29AD mission experience in PMA

If God is in the center of our military, police and government officials, would corruption and injustice still lurk in our country?


This was the question running inside my head, as we stood in front of the cadets of the Philippine Military Academy last Sunday, February 26. I, together with my wife, were blessed to join the service team bound for Baguio as members of the 29 AD Musicionaries who served as the music ministry for Talks 5 and 6 of the Singles for Christ Christian Life Program held there.


Our team arrived in Baguio at 5:00 AM, giving us enough time to drive to the PMA, and set up our instruments. A few moments later, we could hear the cadets marching in cadence as they made their way to the St. Ignatius Chapel inside the military academy.


We witnessed the PMA cadets praising and worshipping God, showing such humility and honesty before our Lord. It was truly amazing to think that one of these cadets will someday be the Chief-of-Staff of our country.


As we served in that CLP, we prayed that each cadet will remember these days during their stay at the Academy, that they were touched by the Holy Spirit and that they would continue to be led into greatness and goodness, as is God’s plan for them.


It was a humbling experience to see that even the powerful military can kneel down before the Eucharist, showing that God is the Supreme Commander of all!



As we made our way back home to Manila, we all said a silent prayer for God to bless our future military and police officers and personnel, so that we may have true peace and order in our land. (Monch Gonzalez, KFC Coordinator, Mary the Queen Chapter)

Added on Thursday, March 9, 2017


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