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A LOVE LIKE THIS II: While I’m Waiting

Moved by the vision “Young people being and bringing Christ wherever they are”, YFC now takes active and aggressive roles for personal conversion, faith in action and social transformation. This gave birth to its four advocacies namely, 100% Free, G-Project, A+, and Revolution of Uplifting the Poor (Rev-Up). These advocacies come with principles and convictions to guide the young in having a Christ-centered lifestyle and creating relevant impact on society.


100% Free takes advantage of the growing interest of the young in love and takes the lead in journeying with them to the right kind of love. The advocacy softly launched “A Love Like This: An Acoustic Journey to What Love Really Is” last year, where a couple shared about their journey to love and waiting while a homegrown band played songs related to  their story.


Now on its second run, A Love Like This captures the story and realities of individuals who are single and the right way of going through the waiting phase. With a desire to reach more and more youth, 100% Free partnered with Amor Café Katipunan, and launched “A Love Like This II: While I’m Waiting” last February 13, 2017 headed by the Youth for Christ Fulltime Pastoral Workers.


The acoustic night featured the story of Tricia Mae Barretto who went through different struggles until she learned to embrace the beauty of being single, which made her the best person she can be and allowed her to have a victorious relationship with God. The second segment of the acoustic night featured Keken Cabaraban’s story who, in  his brokenness after ending a long term relationship, was able to know himself more and realize that the best kind of love you can give to your future partner is the same kind of love you give to the people around you – your family, friends, co-workers etc.


The entire evening was bursting with love and happy sighs as the crowd sang along to the different songs played by the band. Whether one is single or in a relationship, that night was definitely an affirmation that love is for everyone. Love is a universal language, and one should know what it really means. Love is not disposable, but rather a gift that is meant to be shared.


A Love Like This series also happened in Cagayan de Oro, Ozamis, Agusan del Sur, Quezon Province, Ifugao and Cavite.  (Abi Halal)

Added on Thursday, March 9, 2017



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