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CFC celebrates another vocation fulfilled

CFC has been called the seedbed of vocations and rightly so, considering the growing number of vocations from children of CFC who have come from the youth ministries.


On February 11, 2017, another priest was ordained, another CFC family blessed to have offered to the Lord a son.  However, in the case of the Tanquis family from Negros Occidental, they now have not just one priest-son but two!  And what is even more amazing is that these are their only sons!  Both sons, Fr. James Dexter Tanquis and Fr. John Paul Tanquis, are with the Order of Augustinian Recollects.


Mimi Tanquis does not consider it a sacrifice that they will not have grandchildren who will bear the Tanquis name.  For them, having both sons as priests is victory.  This is also something they have prayed for, especially in the case of their second son, now the Rev. Fr. John Paul Rojo Tanquis.


“John Paul was sickly when he was young. One time, on our way to the hospital because he was very sick, my husband Ditoy and I consecrated him to the Lord. Our prayer was: “Lord, please save Him and we will offer him to you.”


‘Love for Service Passed on’


Mimi and Ditoy Tanquis have four children - two girls and two boys. They have been members of Couples for Christ since 1994 and are now members of the Area Governance Team for CFC Negros Occidental. When the children were very young, the couple would bring them to their prayer meetings, speaking engagements and assemblies.  The children were at practically every CFC gathering that they were able to master all the worship songs.


The children also got used to sharing during the couple’s talk assignments, particularly in the talk on the Christian Family at Christian Life Programs. Fr. John Paul, whom they called Jepoy, would share but he was very shy, looking not at the audience but on the floor.  Mimi gleefully states that now that he is a priest, he can no longer look down.


‘The desire to become a priest’


According to Mimi, one day, while Ditoy was searching for some files at home, he came upon an old document with Fr. John Paul’s handwriting expressing his desire to become a priest.


“That was when we realized that Jepoy had a genuine desire to serve the Lord,” Ditoy recalled.


The Tanquis children found community life so appealing that they joined CFC Kids for Christ and later on Youth for Christ.


‘Not just once, but twice’


The older son, Fr. James Dexter Tanquis, is now in his sixth year in service as a priest. “It’s all about modeling,” Fr. Dexter said, as he talked about the example of piety and service of his parents.


“It wasn’t really my ambition to become a priest, but at from the moment that I observed them (my mother and my father) and their piety, I developed the sense of awareness, the need and the necessity for vocation.”


“There were many times when I was tempted to get out from my priesthood, from my seminary life. However, I was reminded every time that the more one desires to leave, the more one is tried and tested,” he added.


From simply Jepoy to Reverend Father


Father John Paul echoed his older brother’s reason for his decision to become a priest. “The perfect motivation comes with attraction. Importante doon ang upbringing ng family,” Fr. John Paul related, expressing gratitude to his parents for guiding him and his brother to become who they are now.


He confessed, “I was very sickly that I had an almost near-death experience. And while I was in the seminary, I almost gave up but because of the support, the prayers and the guidance of my family, and of course the guidance of God, I was able to pursue my vocation.”


‘Life is greater than accomplishments’


Fr. John Paul shares a piece of advice to those who are next in line: Life is greater than one’s accomplishments. “We are all imperfect.  As a child, as sons and daughters, we all want to give back to our parents, to our family. I wanted to study and get a good job so I can give my family a more comfortable life.”


Fr. John Paul once dreamt of becoming a doctor or a lawyer but, later on, he realized that the happiness he can get from this achievement would be temporary. “I consider this vocation as great, even more than any accomplishment, more than any achievement, because one way to serve my family is to live the life that I have now,” Fr. John Paul mused.


The Tanquis family could not contain their joy and gratitude at having two priest-sons in the family.  According to them, their way of thanking the Lord for the shower of blessings is by serving Him to the fullest and giving Him the best things that they could offer: the lives of their children and their answers to their own personal calling.


Fr.  John  Paul  was  ordained  at  the Our  Lady  of  Consolation  Parish  last February 11, 2017, with the rites presided over by Bishop Jose Advincula. (Yvonne Dolorosa)

Added on Thursday, March 9, 2017


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