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A Calling to Priesthood

PRIESTHOOD is a vocation, a  call  to  God’s  service.  Not many are called to be priests and  yet  the  few  who  are chosen  sometimes respond with indifference to the call. There  are  various reasons for this  but  one  of  them  is poverty. Entering the seminary is like putting yourself to college—you need money. Thus many young men who desire  to  enter  the  priesthood sometimes fail to pursue their vocation because of financial constraints.


As Couples for Christ ANCOP  Foundation  helps  a number of youth remain in school despite their poverty, it also helps underprivileged men  wanting  to  enter  the seminary. 


Currently,  CFC  ANCOP Canada supports seven seminarian scholars at Mount St. Aloysius  College  Seminary in  Gumaca,  Quezon. All seven  seminarian  scholars are Philosophy majors with ages ranging from 18 to 23 years old. They are Jaime A. Mendez  Jr., Matt Laurence Limbo,  John  Felix  Dapito, John  Renze  Abequibel, Roland Labegan, Eduard Orogo and Roajulle Jamoragan. 


The  seminarian  scholars come  from  different  backgrounds  but they  share  a common goal—to be a priest.


Matt’s  father  encouraged him  to  enter  the  seminary. “My father told me I should enter  the  seminary  even though we don’t have much money.”


John Renze happily shares: “I am blessed because I was chosen  out of  the  many who applied for the ANCOP scholarship. I did not expect to  be  chosen  because  only seven will be selected.” 


For  his  part,  Roland  says that  “The  ANCOP  scholarship helped me a lot because I need not worry about my financial  obligations here. With the help of my ANCOP scholarship, I need only worry about minimal expenses.”


Eduard reveals: “I learned how to pray and study hard here in the seminary unlike my experiences when I was outside. I learned to wake up early to read and study so I can pass my exams. In short, there  are  many  changes  I noticed in me since I entered the seminary.” 


Because  of  the  ANCOP scholarship,   Jaime,  Matt, John  Felix, Renze,  Roland, Eduard  and  Roajulle  can completely  focus  on their studies and forge their path to  priesthood.  All seven seminarians expressed gratitude for the support of their generous  donors  through CFC ANCOP Canada. There may still be  bumps  along the way but they will surely transcend any trials through perseverance and hard work. (Andres Querouz III)


Do you want to help ot her seminarians? Contact ANCOP today at Landline (+632)709-4868 local 49, 

Mobile (+63) 915-118-4552, 

Email: to ask about their Education Programs! 

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