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My Visit to ANCOP USA - OLB

IN MY recent visit to the Philippines to attend the various conferences of Couples for Christ, my family and I, together with some CFC leaders from Metro  Manila  and  Rizal, decided  to  visit the Our Lady of Banneux ANCOP community in San Mateo, Rizal. 


The  OLB  ANCOP community  is a  glimpse  of  heaven on earth, their way of life similar to the description of the early Christian communities.  The  community is situated on top of a hill with lush vegetation,  clean  air  and  a million  dollar  city view.  Everyone there is  a  member  of  CFC, SFC, YFC, KFC, HOLD, and SOLD, their stickers affixed not on cars, but  on  the  doors  of their houses, each one helping  out  to  build the  structures  and keep  the  place clean and secure.


CFC  household prayer  meetings  are commonplace. All the children  approached us  to  show  respect (pagmamano). Tita Sam,  a  community resident,  proudly showed  us  a  picture of her  daughter  who graduated  cum  laude via the ANCOP Child Sponsorship Program and  is  now  working at  GMA  7,  a  big TV network in the Philippines. CFC volunteers Tito Warren (an engineer),  Tito  Rollie  (an architect)  and  Tito Bobby Penalosa, then Sector  Head  of  CFC West B, were there to show us around.


The  multi-purpose hall is beautiful with a huge white crucifix as the main centerpiece. Attached to the main hall  is  the  Ka Roger and  Tita  Josie  Hall, named  after  ANCOP USA Head Roger Santos and his wife Josie, who  spearheaded  the funding of the building  (God  bless  their souls!). 


The beautifully designed houses are well built,  thanks  to  various donations  from CFC USA and Canada, among  others. The community  ladies prepared a lunch feast for us al fresco with a breathtaking  view  of the metro!


There  are  more structures to be built. The  top  priority  is the construction  of the permanent roof of the church. My prayer is for ANCOP USA to continue  to  support this  special  project until completion.


Thank you dear ANCOP USA brethren for all your contributions of time,  talent  and treasure  in  helping make  this  beautiful ANCOP community a reality! (Toffee Jeturian CFC USA National Director)

Added on Tuesday, February 21, 2017


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