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Science and Technology in the Community

Secretary Fortunato T. de la Peña of the Department of Science and Technology was the guest speaker at the sTMA (st. Thomas More and Associates) forum on the topic “Science and Technology in the Community” on September 3, 2016. at the Club Filipino. 

He shared about the DOsT theme on “Service for Excellence and Equity Through Science, Technology and Innovation” (or SEE THROUGH STI). Sec. de la Peña explained DOST can achieve the government’s priorities by: 
     (a) optimizing research and development (R & D) ensuring investment outcomes by prioritizing pressing concerns as well as potentials in the areas of health, agriculture, and process industries with particular consideration to the needs and potentials of the regions,
     (b) continuing to address the reduction of risks 
brought about by unpredictable, changing climate, natural disasters and environmental degradation, and
     (c) contributing to hastened countryside development by maximizing the utilization of R & D results and S & T innovations by the communities and productive sectors nationwide, and (d) stimulating technology-based economic activities through the availability of highly trained s&T professionals, state-of-the-art facilities and world-class institutional infrastructure. 

Secretary de la Peña also expounded on selected DOST programs, projects and activities that have community relevance. In summary, he focused on how DOST contributes to the national socio-economic agenda by promoting science and technology, increasing competitiveness, promoting rural and value chain development and investing in human capital development.

Nolet Ladrido, CFC STMA Program Head, thanked the participants for a very good attendance and said that the forum is part of sTMA’s quarterly series of fora on topics relevant to the CFC community and the country as a whole. CFC Chairman Joe Tale gave the opening remarks, stating that we should ensure that everything we do aligns with our service to Our God and neighbors. 

Jun Uriarte, who was a former DOST secretary, introduced the Secretary as Bro. Boy, since the secretary is a very dedicated servant in CFC and in his parish. After the Secretary’s talk, Dr. Espie Cayanan, Chief of the Weather Division of PAGASA-DOST, also a CFC sister, shared that she has personally experienced the confluence of science and faith in PAGASA. 

Through the wonders of PAGASA forecasting and with the help of fervent prayers, she recounted the agency’s successful efforts in predicting the turn of events the scientific way but aided with earnest prayers during tropical storm Amang that coincided with Pope Francis’ Papal Visit on January 17, 2015. They believe that Divine Intervention helped the team perform excellent work that resulted in the Pope’s safe departure from Tacloban within the safe window that was forecasted.

During the presentation and ensuing discussions, the forum participants expressed interest in the many remarkable and practical R & D outputs that are ready for application in various areas and sectors of the country which have community-level applications. Jimmy Ilagan, IC member and President of ANCOP, appreciated the Secretary’s enumeration of the many S & T fruits that can be harvested and used in CFC’s socio-economic programs which undoubtedly will give value to CFC and the communities it serves in many parts of the country through its social Development Programs. 

Arnel santos, Head of CFC’s Social Development Programs, challenged everyone to look for ways that would enable these S & T leadings to be part of the SocDev Programs for the benefit of many. CfC President George Campos, in his closing remarks, reiterated the interest of CFC in combining all efforts towards cascading this knowledge down the CFC sectors and areas. This way, CfC can help sec. Boy disseminate the DOsT’s program and valuable outputs and, more importantly, use these outputs so the CFC community and the people can benefit directly or indirectly from the enhanced S & T knowledge and their practical applications. 

Sec. de la Peña suggested that specific concerns and suggestions can also be channeled to the DOsT Regional Offices. (Roger Aldover)

Added on Tuesday, October 11, 2016



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