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Couples for Christ to launch Pluma TV series

For the past 34 years, Couples for Christ (CFC) has always been a trailblazer as a charismatic Catholic community. As a community, CFC has conquered borders, set standards and developed new, exciting and dynamic ways to share the Gospel in a creative and powerful way.

This year, CFC will again strive to go beyond its limits and begin creative evangelization in the field of worldwide television. The community will be proclaiming the good news and God’s victory via the upcoming TV documentary, Pluma.

Pluma is a TV series that will unveil inspiring and extraordinary stories of ordinary people who happen to be members of Couples for Christ and its ministries (SFC, YFC, KFC, SOLD & HOLD). More than recounting God’s extravagant love and grace in the lives of these ordinary people, Pluma will touch the hearts of its viewers to strengthen their hope in life and faith in God. This series aims to proclaim the sanctity of the family, the beauty of Christian values, the essence of unwavering faith and the joy and humor in each person's personal journey.

The pilot episode will be aired this coming March in one of the biggest TV networks in the Philippines. The series will run every Sunday, with 13 episodes for its first season.

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CFC, as an evangelistic Catholic community, has been blessed with a tremendous gift—of being moved by the Holy Spirit that enables CFC to seek fresh, new and dynamic ways of proclaiming the Gospel while at the same time maintaining its fidelity and faithfulness to the Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church. This charism makes it possible for CFC to develop variuos endeavors that go deeper into society and into the hearts and minds of individuals, towards its mission of "building the Church of the home and the Church of the poor". Through this reality, every venture and every opportunity CFC takes, like Pluma, has always been built upon one singular goal: evangelization.

Added on Sunday, February 21, 2016


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