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Bishop to CFC: `Connect to the world`

BAGUIO City, Jan. 17, 2016 – What is a message of faith if doesn't penetrate the heart?

This was the message of Baguio Bishop Carlito Cenzon to some 2,000 Couples for Christ leaders from all over the world who gathered from Jan. 16 to 17 at the CAP – John Hay Trade and Cultural Center for the CFC Rejoice in the Lord Weekend.

Faith like varnish
“If you don't inculturate the faith, it just remains a concept. It has to sink in,” said the prelate, who shared he is a Pampagueño, son of a carpenter and a cook who settled in the City of Pines.

“This group that you love, this group that was brought together by God Himself now...This group is an image of the world. Your brother and your sister at home is an image of your neighbor out in the street, out in the market. Our problem I think this is that we don't make things connect,” explained Cenzon during a Mass on Saturday.

According to the bishop, part of CFC's challenge is to address the observation of Fr. Bulatao, a Jesuit, that the faith of many Filipinos is just “like varnish” because it “does not penetrate.”

Indifference, the greatest problem

Cenzon also went on to point out how Pope Francis recent messages has been about establishing this connection that has been missing from many Catholics' witnessing.

“This year, the Holy Father followed it up this message of peace. He says our biggest problem today is our indifference, so again it's relational. We see our brother and we know what's happening to him...But we are not affected, not enough,” he stressed.

“Unless we change, nothing much will change in our world. We will continue to be oblivious to this man we call our brother our sister,” he said.

Delegates from Indonesia, Singapore, Australia, US, and Europe attended the CFC Weekend which carried the theme “Rejoice. Pray. Give Thanks”, taken from Philippians . (Nirva Delacruz)

Added on Monday, January 18, 2016


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