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Catholic Women Shine in The Colors of Love

THE COLORS of love shone bright through 225 women who attended the Catholic Women’s Conference 5 (CWC5) on Sunday, September 13, 2015 at the Church of Our Lady of the Assumption, Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam. The women discovered how to LOVE MORE through the inspiring talks and testimonies that were the highlights of the conference.

As with every conference of Couples for Christ, each of the delegates came away from the conference with a heightened sense of her relationship with Jesus. Aside from the talks and testimonies, the delegates found the videos and creative numbers a redeeming and joyful experience. Bishop Cornelius Sim’s opening remarks reassured the women, “Sharing the fruits of love and joy is sharing fruits of the Holy Spirit.”

The journey of harvesting the fruits of love and joy that day began when the women had to answer the most diffcult question that Jesus asked Peter: “Do you love me?” Luisa Obida, the first speaker, emphasized that authentic love means loving the Lord with heart, soul, and strength, leading the delegates to ponder: If God loved me before I was formed in my mother’s womb, what have I done to love him back?

Maria Magpusao’s inspiring sharing made it clear that following Jesus is not an easy choice. Magpusao shared how searching for truth about God and learning to love Him more after her husband passed away caused her to rise above her sorrow and allow God to turn her mourning into glorious joy.

“Selfless love is what Jesus is asking from every one of us,” explained Lynda Geraldez in the second session. She encouraged everyone to change the way they love, in order to transcend human love into self-giving love, as exemplified by John the Baptist, who said of Jesus, “He must increase but I must decrease”. She added, “Self-giving is to deny oneself, to take up Jesus’ cross and follow Him.”

Ammie Alano, in the third session, affirmed that Jesus was true God yet true man. In His humanity, He chose to love more by laying down His life for all. Truly, there was no greater love than this. is session prompted the delegates to reflect if she was capable of laying down her life for others.

Tootsie Lopez, in the fourth session titled, “I Will Follow You”, emphasized that loving more is serving God wherever and whenever help is needed without seeking any reward. The women were challenged to go farther to bring the lost, the last and the least to God as He calls everyone to “feed His lambs, tend His sheep and feed His sheep”.

It was overwhelming to see the Couples for Christ - Handmaids of the Lord (CFC-HOLD) encouraging ordinary women to do extraordinary acts of love for the lost, the last and the least, turning lip-service into joyful service.

There can be no holding back when people are called to follow Jesus in feeding and tending the lambs and the sheep. Lerie Villanueva shared her struggles in following Jesus amidst her diffculties and trials, not the least of which was learning how to forgive her unfaithful husband and sacrificing her own desires to do God’s will for her life for His greater glory.

The last session was a reminder that any follower of Jesus will always testify to love for as long as he or she lives. However, no follower is exempted from facing struggles with herself and with the devil. Nanette Ramos, the last speaker, shared the good news that Jesus would rescue everyone from pride, fears, the sins of the past, inertia and attachments that keep one from loving more.

Jesus Christ’s victory can conquer the devil’s four tactics: Deception, Division, Diversion and Discouragement. Blanchie Renomeron testified how she was able to overcome her struggles with Jesus by her side. And, with Mother Mary and her guardian angel as her powerful allies, Jesus rescued her from her past painful experiences and made her a faithful servant leader. The transforming love of Jesus restored everything that was good in her. That goodness painted her life with a burst of colors – pink for love that is sweet and thrilling, green for love that hopes, blue for love that is loyal and sincere, yellow for love that is expressed in service, purple for love that hurts but endures, orange for love that is intense, red for passionate love, white for love that is pure and gold for love that is made perfect in heaven.

Indeed, every word of every story in CWC5 painted Love in beautiful colors and allowed every woman present to Love More. (Maria eresa Pagaduan-Cordova, CFC-Brunei member)

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